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High-End Painting Contractors In West London

High-End Painting Contractors In West London
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Are you searching for the best painting and decorating contractors in West London? If yes, do not skip this article. 

Searching for top-quality painters must have been stressful for you, provided the number of companies that exist today. West London alone has dozens of painting companies that boast of providing professional services. 

Considering the number of options available, it may be difficult for you to narrow down to a particular company. Confused which to opt for? Don’t worry! Read on to find out about some high-end painting contractors in West London.

1. GSD Painters and Decorators

Undoubtedly, the best high-end painting contractors in West London are GSD Painters and Decorators.

GSD Painting and Decorating is unquestionably the most trusted and reputed painting company in West London. 

They work with the vision to commit themselves to aligning their services with the expectations and demands of their customers.

Based in Clerkenwell, Central London, GSD Painting and Decorating boasts rich experience and expertise in the field of commercial and residential painting, providing numerous services.

The GSD team consists of around 40 painters with rich experience. They have been involved in major projects like painting sports stadiums for the Olympics, football clubs, restaurants, schools, residential buildings, etc-. 

Their specializations also include home and office rejuvenation, restoring grade listed buildings, heritage buildings, etc-. 

They have committed themselves and strive each day to actualize their clients’ dream houses and offices into reality. They have hundreds of happy customers in West London, which is proof of their superb and reliable nature of work.

2. MJ Kloss

MJ Kloss is one of the oldest and most experienced painting contractors in West London. 

The MJ Kloss team has been providing high-end painting and decorating services for more than 45 years now. Ask a house owner in London about the best painters, and they would surely recommend MJ Kloss for your own painting needs.

With such vast experience and exposure, you cannot afford to miss MJ Kloss’s painting services. They are extremely reliable contractors, responding to your doubts and queries 24×7. 

They even provide their customers with a 2-year guarantee, promising to rectify your house painting and decorations even after their work is completed.

3. LGC Decorators

Taking important decisions related to painting and decorating your house can be stressful. Here come LGC Decorators. 

Right from the first step to the last, the LGC team stands by your side, helping you make proper and guided decisions. They opt for high-quality painting and decorating equipment so that you can carry out your activities with ease.

Established in 2001, the LGC team has been continuously providing professional-level painting services to thousands of house owners in West London. Their services include tiling, interior and exterior painting, house rejuvenation and decoration, and many more. 


Searching for the best painting contractors can be a burdensome task. Out of all the options you have chosen, it is advisable to compare every contractor based on certain parameters. 

You can look for their experience, past sites, customer review, pricing, customer support centre, etc. 

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