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Feminized Marijuana Seeds- All You Need to Know

With many countries relaxing their laws regarding cannabis use, there’s increased interest in the drug. The cultivation of marijuana grows year after year, and you can now produce high-quality weed strains at home. Nevertheless, your choice of seeds play a vital role in growing cannabis, and you have limitless choices when it comes to seed variety. You can opt for regular, auto-flowering, or feminized cannabis seeds. The feminized varieties are very popular and are favorite among many growers.

What are feminized cannabis seeds?

Having male cannabis plants can be a waste of time and space for home growers. Feminized weed seedswill save you all the trouble. What makes them unique? They result in all-female plants, guaranteeing bigger buds and high yields. With these seeds, you use minimal space and eliminate waste. There are also many other types of marijuana seeds. To learn more, visit the i49 website and get information on the different seed varieties available.

How are weed seeds feminized?

Feminized cannabis seeds produce only female plants, but there may be very few male plants among them. This way, the likelihood of male plants pollinating the females is minimized. There are various methods used to generate relatively feminized cannabis seeds. 

One popular way is stressing the healthy female plants. You can achieve this by interrupting the light cycle in the flowering stage. Stressing the plants induces hermaphroditism, but the technique is not reliable.

Spraying the female plants with a colloidal silver solution is also popular. It makes it easy to control the sex of your plants without any genetic alterations. The chemical used hinders the production of ethylene, a hormone that supports flowering. The procedure only affects the plants or branches sprayed, and the rest will continue producing female flowers.

Cloning is yet another technique and is a predominant way of preserving plant genetics. The method creates a hybrid of two female plants. If some female plant branches are turned male, there’s enough pollen to fertilize the plant with no need for male plants.

What are the advantages of growing feminized marijuana seeds?

1. Efficiency& Space-saving

 Feminized seeds are highly efficient and save a lot of space and time. They guarantee the growth of only-female plants in your space. What’s more? The plants will also be consistent in stability, ensuring maximum plant count and spacing. Since there’s a limit to the number of plants that you can grow, feminized seeds help maximize the yield from fewer plants.

It takes time to grow cannabis plants with an unknown likelihood of expressing as female. Moreover, once the plants are all grown, you spend a lot of time determining their sex to separate the male ones. With feminized seeds, you have a high likelihood of producing female plants.

2. Allows for plant training

Using feminized seeds makes it possible to use different training methods to improve plant canopy and harvest. Also, there’s no need to uproot some plants, hence no waste of time, labor, or nutrients. These seeds produce superior quality and quantity, but some varieties do better than others. 

3. High likelihood of female plants

Feminized cannabis seeds guarantee more female plants and fewer males. Although the yield may suffer due to stress factors like low nutrients and unreliable lighting, these seeds come with many perks. Feminized weed seeds save a lot of work, increases yield, making you get high value from your seeds. On the other hand, male plants can ruin your crop and lower your yield. And this is particularly true for growers with limited space and fewer plants.

 4. Greater amounts of buds

The use of non-feminized seeds allows growers to choose the best weed plants. However, eliminating the males can be challenging. You also get less bud with this method of growing. But, feminized seeds guarantee large amounts of bud and high yields. This makes feminized seeds great choices for home growers with restrictions on the number of plants.

5. Better genetics

These seeds are carefully controlled to yield the most defining characteristics. This way, grows have limitless options in terms of aromas, flavors, and cannabinoids. With better genetics, plants grown from feminized weed seeds are more attractive, powerful, aromatic, and productive.

6. No need for sexing

The idea of having male plants can be stressful for new weed growers. However, feminized cannabis seeds eliminate the need to sex the plants, enabling growers to relax and not bother about male plants. This also translates to minimal maintenance and lower labor costs.

7. A wide range of choices

There’s an unbelievable range of feminized weed seeds in the market. You can choose from auto-flowering, CDB dominant, and photoperiod varieties available. And this makes it easy to pick the most suitable seeds for your desired quality, quantity, and requirements. What’s more? You can get medicinal varieties in feminized form, allowing you to benefit from medical cannabis all year round.

How can you buy feminized cannabis seeds?

You’ll find feminized weed seeds online or in marijuana dispensaries. The contents in the pack may vary from one company to the other. It’s advisable to choose sampler packs with high-quality seeds and a decent THC content. If you’re a first-timer, the seed company will help you pick the right seeds for your location and growing conditions.

Let the vendor know that you’re a new grower, and they will help you choose the best strain to match your expertise. However, there are various factors to keep in mind when shopping for marijuana seeds online. These include;

The seed company: Only buy from legitimate sellers. Also, inquire about the delivery period, and go for a company that delivers within the shortest time possible. A good vendor also offers proper packaging to minimize suspicion from neighbors during delivery.

Weed strains: Consider the strains and the quality of seeds. The best seed company labels their products rightly, making it easier to pick the desired strains. They also have a wide range of product varieties.

Payment modes: The best company offers different payment methods like credit cards, debit cards, PayPal, E-wallets to cater to the needs of shoppers globally.

The bottom line

Feminized seeds are great choices for home growers. They allow cannabis users to get high yields from a minimal number of plants. They save you a lot of growing space and time and still offer large amounts of buds. For excellent results, buy your seeds from accredited vendors and enjoy healthier plants.

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