Medical Cannabis Card: Who Can Get It and How


Despite the legalization of medical marijuana and cannabis in California and 32 other states, it still remains illegal under federal law. To reap the benefits of cannabis in a state that legalizes marijuana, you need an identification card. This card is referred to as a medical marijuana card or a cannabis card. 

Since it is a state-specific card, the rules for obtaining it vary depending on the state you live in, which is why it is important to be familiar with the required procedures for getting a cannabis card wherever you reside. In this brief guide, we will highlight what a medical cannabis card is, who can get it, and how to get it. 

What Is a Medical Cannabis Card?

Patients with medical conditions and ailments can obtain a state-issued card to purchase marijuana products that can ease their pain from dedicated dispensaries. Without this card, patients in most states can not even enter a dispensary. A cannabis card also allows its carrier to grow certain limited amounts of marijuana at their residence. By using your medical cannabis card, you can assign a caregiver to administer, purchase, or grow medical marijuana for you. However, the rules and regulations for consuming and growing medical marijuana differs from one state to another, so make sure you check the local regulations in your area. 

How to Obtain a Medical Cannabis Card 

Each state will have its own rules and qualifications for obtaining a medical marijuana card. You will need to check your state’s list of approved conditions and ailments that qualify for a medical marijuana card. In Virginia and other states, you can talk to online doctors for cards and get diagnosed through a video consultation to qualify for a medical cannabis card. After receiving a diagnosis and checking the list of requirements in your state, you should submit the letter of recommendation you got from your state-certified physician to the state agency. Depending on the state you live in, some fees might apply. 

How Much Marijuana Can you Get with a Medical Marijuana Card?

Depending on the state you live in, the amounts of cannabis you can legally purchase or possess may vary slightly. Some states limit the amount of marijuana you can buy per purchase, while others set different limits to the amounts of cannabis products you can have in your possession. For patients with medical cannabis cards, it’s important to be aware of these limits in order to stay on the right side of the law. These limits and rules should also be considered when cultivating marijuana at home. Some states allow patients to grow certain amounts of marijuana at their residence for personal, medical use, while others such as New Jersey and New York prohibit cultivating cannabis at home. 

Knowing the procedures needed for obtaining a medical marijuana card will help you identify whether it is right for you or not. You will need to check with a certified physician first to diagnose your condition, then check your state’s laws and list of qualifications before submitting your letter of recommendation to the state’s agency. Getting a medical marijuana card could help treat your ailments and ease your pain under the supervision of certified doctors.