An integrated approach to Customer Service
A Gala Group case study

Page 1: Introduction

When customers buy a product or service they are increasingly aware that they are also buying an element of service that goes with it. This service element can be decisive when people are considering where to obtain the product itself e.g. at which cinema to see a film or with which Internet service provider to sign up. In each of these cases, a key part of the buying experience is how you, the...
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Page 2: The Gala Group

The Gala Group was formed by a management buy-in from Bass in 1997, and is the fastest growing retail gaming company in the UK, and a market leader. It has three areas of focus: Bingo, Casinos and Interactive.With 166 bingo clubs across the UK, and 33 million admissions every year, Gala Bingo leads with a 40% share of the market. In 2000, Gala acquired Ladbrokes Casinos, one of the largest...
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Page 3: The Customer Service Concept

Most consumers, when thinking of making a purchase, look first at the core or raw product. With Gala, the 'raw products' are Bingo and Gaming, i.e. Roulette, Poker etc. When deciding what and where to buy (play), however, consumers are influenced by many factors, of which the raw product is only one part. They have high expectations of their requirements over and above the product e.g. they want...
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Page 4: Customer Service

Organisations that provide good quality Customer Service have several key characteristics. They:know where they are heading (clear vision of the future)have an ongoing dialogue with both internal and external customersoperate a supportive management style that focuses on communicating with and motivating employeesprovide sufficient and appropriate training and development for its employees.The...
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Page 5: Developing an integrated Customer Service Strategy

One key element for Gala in developing an integrated strategy was to create trust and confidence at all levels. Customers need to trust and feel confident about the organisation from which they are purchasing. Similarly, employees need to trust senior managers and to have confidence in their actions. In order to support a Customer Service Strategy, Gala has also:established service standards for...
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Page 6: Recruitment selection and training

Customer Service and the quality it provides starts from having the right people and then developing a process that values and nurtures their talents. A key element in the Customer Service Strategy is to select, develop and retain staff who have the expertise and professionalism to represent all levels within the organisation. Gala has developed a range of programmes for all levels of management...
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Page 7: Conclusion

Offering a good service experience to customers involves taking into account not just the needs of external customers but also internal customers as part of a focused and integrated Customer Service Strategy. This case study illustrates how the Gala Group has initiated a continuous Customer Service Strategy designed to help it maintain its leading position in a fast changing industry.
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