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Guide for downloading and installing the IQ option app

Trading from anywhere with your smartphone ( iOS or Android) the IQ option app is a convenient and simple way to choose. Moreover, it is an award-winning app for online trading with an opportunity to trade in 500+ options.

Guide for downloading and installing the IQ option app

In this article, I am going to discuss the process of downloading and installing the IQ Trading App on your iPhone or Android smartphone.

Why do you want an IQ Application for Trading?

As I know,  IQ App has earned a good reputation within a short period of time because it has a clean interface with featureful functionalities.

Now, I will explain by providing some reasons to use IQ Option for trading.

  1. This platform has a wider variety of options
  2. The minimum deposit is as low as $10
  3. Can invest a minimum value of just $1.
  4. Can expect almost 92% of the amount to be credited to your account
  5. The maximum price of the amount that can be traded is as high as $20,000.
  6. It can be exchanged in a wide range of currencies such as USD, EUR, GDP, and others.
  7. The user interface of the application is very user-friendly which means it will be easier to navigate across various options.
  8. Moreover, policies (on trading) are easy to follow and designed to protect everyone involved.
  9. This includes actions against money laundering and making sure that the traders are properly identified. The policies available have provided higher levels of protection and very high requirements  

Not only that,

No matter which platform you are using, the IQ Trading app allows instant access to the admin panel. So, you can check or trade anytime. Additionally, It can work as a constant reminder by providing useful notifications and data.

Besides, you can carry it everywhere. That means carrying a laptop is unnecessary. On the other hand, you can analyze the data and make successful trades. 

Now, let’s begin by downloading an app

Steps to download and install the IQ Trading App

In the beginning, navigate to IQ Option Website using a regular web browser, Click on the downloads link just above the footer. Where you will find a download link for different platforms including Android, iOS, Windows and Mac Applications.

However, you can get it free from the App Store & Play store too. To download it, open PlayStore or AppStore using a phone and Install it.

How to search the IQ Option app for downloading on Android and IOS devices.

After opening that platform go to the search bar and write IQ Option. When you find it, just click the install button.

Ending of the preceding part. I would like to explain how to log in IQ option at your smartphone. 

How to log in:

Since you have completed the installation process, select “Open Button” for the purpose of starting the IQ option app.

Next, you will input your account username/email and password. Then click login.   

Trading on your Smartphone App

Now then, this trading app is user-friendly but has a small learning curve. If you are using this app for the first time, It may seem difficult to understand the data. However, after a couple of days, you will be comfortable using it for trading purposes.

How to Trade Using the IQ Option app?

When you have adopted in all the settings then you are recommended to open a deal option.

In the first step, you are going to click the plus sign which stables at the left upper corner of this app to the choice assets. It also helps you to choose all the assets from the list.

When you decided to choose it, you can fix any deposit value as an investment.

Reasons to choose IQ Option App:

  • Free demo account for training with up to referable $1000 deposits.
  • The low deposit limit starts at 10$.
  • 24/7 Support.
  • Accept all most every renounced payment method
  • Available in different languages.
  • It provides a smooth trading system. No delays!
  • Always get notified. 

IQ Trading App Features:

Wide Range of Choice:

The most important thing is it offers stocks of renowned companies like Amazon inc, and Facebook, Inc. The amusing part is the “on-time notification for announcements and business news”.

500+ Assets:

It’s offering 500+ asset options to trade on. 

Free Practice Account

It allows you to switch simultaneity between real and practice accounts. As well as It helps you to invest in real-time traders.

Change Chart Type and Indicators

This is also a useful feature, allowing you to change the data indicators, currencies and languages. Moreover, it allows switching between a bar chart, a line chart, etc.

Additional features

There are some additional features live daily tips, video tutorials, the option to personalize the dashboard.

Opening or Closing Accounts:

Like the official website, you can create a new account. Moreover, update your profile. Additionally, you can close or disable your trading account.

Deposit and Trading:

Purchasing or selling Threads is a common feature. Hence, You can deposit any amount of dollars.

Check Pending Orders:

You can check the status of pending orders anytime.

Withdraw Money

You can withdraw money or transfer using this app. After you submit a request for withdrawal, it will be processed to your bank account.

Tips on trading on IQ option apps:

  • For your comfort, use the demo account. Choose any assets from the trade panel. Because one mistake can ruin your profits.
  • You can adjust the application settings which are necessary.
  • Use your finger appropriately, one unintentional click may cause unfavourable trade. Besides, you may need to disable one-touch trading (to avoid mistakes when trading).
  • After you mastered basic things, you should use a real account.
  • It is important to have a strong internet connection. This enables you to operate the application smoothly.
  • Don’t use public networks, to prevent your account from getting hacked.

Common Obstacles and Remedies:

Some of the problems you may face while you use the application and it has possible solutions

Problem: The antivirus has blocked the installation file

Solution: Update the antivirus software installed on the computer. Add the app to the list of sites that will not be blocked by the antivirus software.

Problem: The video driver has generated an error

Solution: If there is a window that asks you to update the video card driver during the installation process /when you run the app. This means that the current drivers do not support the OpenGL configuration used in the application.

This can be solved by visiting the video card manufacturer via their website Try to download and install the drivers for the video card. If the problem stays on even after this, it will mean that the computer does not support OpenGL configuration.

Problems: Login Error

Solution: It happens mainly because of the two regions.

  1. One of your login details is wrong.
  2. The account is banned.

Make sure the login details are correct and if your account got banned, contact the client the support team (24/7 support). 

Problem 4: What to do when it shows “app is not working”?

Solution: First of all, close the app and try to open it again, If it doesn’t resolve the problem reboot your device. If it fails to delete the app and reinstall it.

Final Verdict:

In small guidance, I must admit that it is very easy to understand. However, it is protective- including a higher level of unethical activities like money laundering and fraudulent activities. Thus, everyone can be involved trustfully.

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