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Top Apps for High School Students

Apps for High School Students
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By the time students get to high school these days, they are experts in technology. They use it for everything, which is why schools must adapt to this reality and offer apps for high school students that help them become better students and learn their material more thoroughly. The top school apps for high school students are those that do both, including the apps listed here.


The StudyBlue app, available on both Apple and Android devices, is a tool that students can use to manage their time and make studying easier. Students can create smart notes or smart note cards using StudyBlue on any topic they want. They can then share their notes and note cards with their friends to help each other study. 

Teachers are able to use StudyBlue to create specific flashcards with content they want their students to know. It’s simple for them to create one set of cards and share them with entire classes. These cards enable students to study their materials anywhere at any time, making learning on the go convenient and effective.


Part of being a high school student is learning how to keep track of your assignments, get them turned in on time, and set aside time to study for tests. The MyStudyTime app is perfect for training students to do all these tasks and more. Users customize their schedules to keep track of their classes, assignments, tests, and other important activities and the app uses audio and visual reminders to help students stay on top of everything.

A nice feature of the MyStudyTime app is that it accommodates rotating schedules for students who don’t have the same classes every day. Not every app has this capability, so if a student has a block schedule or similar, this app will work well for them.

MyHomework Student Planner

Not too long ago, students received physical planners at the beginning of each year, but now that everything’s gone digital, they need an app like MyHomework Student Planner to keep track of their busy schedules. This app is particularly helpful for students in AP or honours classes who have a ton of homework to manage.

MyHomework Student Planner can sort homework assignments in various ways, including by due date, class, week, or month. No matter how students choose to organize their work, this app can help them remember everything they have to do so they don’t miss any deadlines. Even better, this app has an integration with Questia, so students can link reading assignments directly to their homework so they don’t have to waste time finding them when it’s time to study.

Socrative Student

Socratic seminars have become extremely popular in high schools today, as teachers use the age-old practice of using dialogue and discussion to deepen students’ understanding of specific topics. The Socrative Student app extends this practice by providing teachers and students with a tool to continue the Socratic dialogue even after class is over.

Teachers can use this tool to ask questions, conduct polls, and administer assessments to gauge student understanding. Students can demonstrate subject mastery, show text comprehension, and explore topics more deeply through engaging in discussions with their teachers and peers. The best part about this app is that the learning doesn’t have to stop at the bell. Discussions can continue to their natural conclusion through the app.

Exam Countdown

Tests can sneak up on students, but not if they have the Exam Countdown app on their mobile devices. This very basic app provides a countdown clock to any and all exams a student has on their schedule. It does include reminders and a customizable timetable, but the best part about it is that students can’t say they didn’t know there was an exam because it’s literally counting down until the day it arrives.


The Kahoot! app is a real hoot for students of all ages. Not only is the app packed with millions of premade flashcards, puzzles, and learning games, but teachers can also create their own content with user-friendly tools that guide them every step of the way. Students have raved about this app because it helps them memorize facts, study for exams, and remember important information in a fun and engaging way.

Gamifying education has worked for years and the Kahoot! the app capitalizes on this phenomenon. Teachers create the game and give students a code to join on whatever device they have. This means they can play the game from anywhere there’s wifi, even if they aren’t physically in the classroom. 

Learning App

Attention spans are short for modern students and the Learnie App recognizes that fact. It offers micro lessons on a variety of subjects that last for 30 seconds. Giving students a burst of knowledge and learning opportunities they can take advantage of whenever they have a free minute or two. The app features questions, dedicated learning specialists, and high-quality audio and video, making it similar to other apps teens like to use.


Today’s high school students aren’t going to give up their technology to do their school work the old-fashioned way. So, take advantage of some of the greatest available educational apps to use their devices for good.

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