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Hassle free office move solving productivity problems during office relocation

Millions of employees lie to their bosses about taking leave when they are stressed. The taboo around stress is such that people fail to admit the truth. That said, moving office can induce stress among your employees, so much so that, they start calling in sick and their efficiency levels drop. Various factors contribute to such stress, like the anticipation about the moving day and the fear due to the change.

Since office moves are disruptive, productivity slipping is common. However, relocation doesn’t have to impact your business activities. By following these below-mentioned tips, you can keep your staff motivated and avoid productivity problems.

Planning Is Key

If you want to maintain the sanity and productivity of your employees when moving office, you must plan the move in advance. Now, this may sound extremely simple, yet this is the most important step in hassle-free office relocation.

Create a timeline, set a moving date, assign specific tasks to different departments. Be realistic about the move. Figure out the tasks to be completed after moving in.

Once you have planned everything, let all your staff and employees know. This helps everyone follow a timeline and prepare themselves for the move.

Hire Professional Removal Services

Professional movers can make the entire moving process easier for you. Since they have immense experiences in moving offices, they can assist you from packing to loading and unloading.

Professional moving services like F&M Bennett & Son are not just cost-effective, but they are also licensed and insured. In case of any damage to your belongings, they make sure you get what you are owed. Although such situations rarely arise because they know what they are doing.

Reliable movers ease the stress on you and your employees and make sure you have quality packing supplies that protect your belongings.

Inform Everyone

If the productivity of your team is your topmost priority, you must ensure everyone is notified about the move on time. This will not only keep everyone on track but also give them time to adjust tasks at hand.

Keep a meeting and inform everyone about the relocation date. You must also discuss the chores associated with the move, should they be interested.

Furthermore, make sure you change your company’s address on your website and other pages. If the utility firms and suppliers are not aware of the relocation, let them know. The last thing you will want is supplies delivered to the old address.

Make use of social media platforms and send out newsletters so that your customers know where to find you.

NOTE: If you send out a newsletter series, the chances of people remembering your relocation will be higher.

Move On A Weekend Or After Office Hours

Moving during office hours is a mistake you must never commit. Your business simply will not be able to operate normally when you are moving items out of your old office. It will only make everything unmanageable and reduce productivity.

If your business is open on the weekends, an after-hours move is your best bet. Schedule your move in a way that employees pack up their desk before leaving work and as soon as they leave, movers come in.

However, if your business is closed on the weekends, that’s the best time to move. Since movers can come anytime you want, make sure you book their services in advance and give them a moving date.

Set Up Your New Office

If you cannot set up all the appliances before your employees arrive at the new office, your workforce will be negatively affected. So, make sure that the premises are thoroughly cleaned, furniture is properly arranged, and the devices are set-up before your employees hit the ground running.

Call your utility provider, and ensure you have got power, internet and other services. Not to forget, stocking up the pantry is equally essential.

Final Thoughts

Relocation doesn’t have to result in productivity loss. If you follow these steps diligently, you can control everyone’s stress level and make the process as easy as a breeze.

Also, keep your calm.

Hopefully, this article helped you. If you have more office relocation tips that solve productivity problems, kindly write them down in the comments section below.

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