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4 Ways to harness tech to cut your office energy costs

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There are lots of innovative technological solutions out there that can help you cut the amount of energy you use in your office. As well as being good news for your business’s bottom line, this is also great for the environment. To help get you started, here are four simple but effective ways to harness the available tech to make your workplace cleaner and greener.

1. Use motion sensor lighting systems

In an energy-saving guide on their website, business utility experts Utility Bidder point out that one way to lower electricity use is to install motion sensor lighting systems. This means workers don’t have to remember to switch lights off when they leave rooms, guaranteeing reduced usage. The solutions are especially beneficial in areas that are typically only used intermittently, for example, kitchens or meeting rooms.

For further energy-saving benefits, replace any traditional light bulbs with LEDs, which use a fraction of the electricity.

2. Move to the cloud

If you currently use servers at your office, now might be the time to consider switching to the cloud. Servers require a lot of energy to run, so if your business has the option of migrating its systems to a secure third party, this can be a much more efficient solution. You might be surprised by how much electricity you can save by ditching your servers in favour of this approach.

3. Become an expert in your HVAC system

Your heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system is likely to be one of the biggest, if not the biggest, energy consumers in your office. This means it pays to make sure you have a clear understanding of how best to use it. There might be additional settings and controls that you’re currently not taking advantage of. Your priority should be making sure the temperature is set at the correct level. After this, you need to ensure that the system is set to come on and turn off at exactly the right times. If you have a building management system in place, it may be wise to get a professional controls expert to take a look at your HVAC setup and finetune it for increased efficiency.

4. Install green energy solutions

Green energy solutions are becoming increasingly accessible to businesses, and there might be systems that you can take advantage of in your office. For example, your building may be suitable for fitting solar photovoltaic panels to generate electricity, or perhaps you would consider installing small-scale wind turbines. These technologies make you less reliant on the grid and they can bring you major energy savings over the long term.

Tapping into the potential of technology to save energy in these ways will not only reduce your costs, it will also cut your carbon footprint.

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