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Helping you to stay mobile while you track all your parcel

Gone are the days when you used to send a parcel to another person and start praying for its arrival. You can call it darkness age, as you had to wait for so long unaware of the progress of the parcel or whether the recipient got it or not. But now things are different, as, through a mobile app, you can comfortably and efficiently send parcel, and both the sender and the recipient can see it while on the move.

Citibox Company, through Richard Alden, is rolling a similar though different idea by installing smart mailboxes to make it easier for customers to learn of their parcels before and after delivery. The mobile apps are helping you to be stress-free as you can monitor the progress of your parcel and also the recipient, on the other hand.

Devices & Way to Use it

Things are straightforward today, especially tracking your parcel online using your mobile phone. What does this mean? You are not limited in terms of mobility, and you can get real-time information on your parcel anytime. You can use the App on both Android phones and Apple phones. The App is free to use and download from the Google store or Apple store. The primary role of the App is to track parcels. But to follow up on your parcel, you require having a consignment number to help you trace it easily.

Advantages of Tracking Parcel through a Mobile App

The App can work either with the sender or the recipient, meaning both of them can use the App to track their parcel using the given consignment number. Immediately the consignment number is entered, the App starts to display the status of your delivery parcel. When the parcel is out for delivery, the App notifies you through a real-time map showing the location of your parcel on its way to the destination.

The App allows you to view for a whole hour delivery window for the parcel and also know the name of the driver transporting it. This means you no longer wait the entire day for the parcel to arrive with anxiety is a thing of the past now.

What can You Find in the App?

Some of the new updates to find in the App are as follows:

  • It has a new and improved tracking functionality, with the added ability to help you select your preferred Post Office using a look-up map tool and address option.
  • To learn more about the App, you can go to the FAQ section, and you will get to learn more about the most commonly asked questions covered by the recipients.
  • Those who use the App can begin booking for their parcel journey with a very convenient quick quote widget that is embedded within the App.


Through the mobile App tracker of your parcel, you can rest assured that everything is in control. The App is a great help to users who frequently travel, as it allows them to learn about the progress of their parcel. To get quick results and real-time updates, make sure the software of your device is up-to-date.

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