Using promotion to position a brand
A Hi-Tec Sports case study

Page 1: Introduction

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In order to gain market share and attract new customers, a business needs to be distinctive in the marketplace. It needs customers to think about its products in a particular way. This helps them distinguish its products from those of competitors. A business seeks to combine all the positive characteristics and attributes of its products in a single brand image and message. This gives the brand...
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Page 2: The marketing process

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Customers are central to the marketing process. Marketing starts by identifying the needs of customers. A business then seeks to meet those needs by making the right products available when customers want to purchase and at prices they are prepared to pay. Marketing strategy Marketing strategies are directly related to the overall business strategy. Hi-Tec's marketing strategy aims...
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Page 3: Above-the-line promotion

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Above-the-line promotion is based on advertising in mass media, such as newspapers, television, radio, cinema and the internet. This type of promotion reaches a wide audience, but it can be difficult to measure and assess its impact. It can be used both to inform the audience and raise awareness of a product or service, as well as to persuade people to buy. Different media outlets can be used...
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Page 4: Below-the-line promotion

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Below-the-line promotion aims to reach consumers more directly through forms of communication other than traditional advertising channels. Partnerships For example, Hi-Tec has targeted consumers through collaborations with several organisations. It has set up partnerships with the UK's National Trust (to promote a new walking boot) as well as with the Caravanning Club (an audience who might...
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Page 5: Liquid Mountaineering - a viral marketing campaign

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A key part of Hi-Tec's brand positioning has been the development of a viral marketing campaign called Liquid Mountaineering. This campaign was inspired by the water-repellent qualities of Hi-Tec shoes. It was devised to reflect Hi-Tec's 'inspired by life' brand proposition and the brand repositioning strategy. It aims to create a sense of adventure and push back physical boundaries. At the...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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One of the most important things in managing a brand is to be able to position it positively relative to competitors in the minds of consumers in target markets. The brand needs to communicate the key values of the products and the business. Hi-Tec's four key brand elements are proud, honest, fun and hungry. These elements have been developed to be closely associated with its products. Hi-Tec...
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