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How businesses can benefit from having door entry systems and access controls

Even though companies aren’t entirely alike in how they do things, there are some common operating traits that companies have, regardless of their preferred methods of their line of work. One of these shared traits is security; in order to keep all of the employees and important documents and equipment in a building protected, businesses need proper security. More security can be added to a business with entry systems for doors and access controls; the following benefits can be gained from having these security measures.

Remote Access

For offices that aren’t close to the front of an office or separated by stairs, door entry systems are a good idea according to Smartlox Edinburgh. Before the door is even opened, you’ll be able to see who is behind it when an entry system is installed (with the help of an audio system or CCTV cameras). When remote access is used with the system, the door can be unlocked right from your office without you actually going to the door. This can be especially useful in increasing productivity for a business, since you can still perform activities such as making calls or reports while checking out visitors.


Door entry systems and access control can add to the safety of a building, but when combined with other security systems, these options can increase safety even further. An alarm combined with a door entry system  will let you see who is trying to enter when the alarm is triggered. Time records for when entry happens will also be produced to help police in the event that a criminal tries to enter and escapes.


Historic reports can be created with some door entry systems that have more features. The activities of all employees will be recorded to give you an idea of when they leave and enter the building and what parts of the building they accessed. This can be provided via a smartphone or using an email address. Being able to know what’s going on with your business at all times is important, especially when there are special hours, holidays, or multiple buildings.

Along with keeping the building secure, these records can also be used to keep track of employee overtime hours, and they can even be used to reward employees by helping you determine who is the most productive for monthly rewards. In the event that your business is faced with crime, the police can conduct an investigation more easily with time based records.

Easy to Re-Set

When an employee leaves the company, or when someone attempts to break in, the locks would have to be changed when a normal door is used, which can be pretty costly depending on the locks and the number of keys that go along with it. A door entry system with an access control doesn’t need to go through the same kind of problem. Either the fobs would be simply reprogrammed or the codes would be reset, giving the building the same security that it had once before.

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