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How Expensive Is It To Change Your Name? 

 Is It Expensive To Legally Change Your Name

A name is a very personal thing. It’s what you go by in all areas of your life. It’s what your loved one calls you when referring to you with endearment and what people refer to you by when in professional or legal settings. 

Most people are given a name by their families when they are newborns, which is the name they mostly stick with throughout their lives. Then, some go by a nickname but keep their legal name the same regardless. 

But, it’s not uncommon for individuals to change a part of all of their names. For example, it’s normal for women to change their surnames after getting married, at least in the United Kingdom and the United States. 

However, this more traditional view has changed over time. 

Should I Change My Name?

Are you thinking of changing your name? Maybe you want to change your first name because it doesn’t match your personality, or you want to distance yourself from your family. Or perhaps, you’re getting married and want to change your last name. There are many reasons to change your name, but how much does it cost? The price varies depending on where you live and the circumstances. 

Still, this guide will cover general information and costs for individuals residing in the United Kingdom.

Who Can Change Their Name In The UK?

While anyone in the UK can go by whatever name they want, there is an official process in place to change your name legally. For people 16 years of age and older, you can apply for an “unenrolled” deed poll. This is an official statement of your name change, although not all organizations will accept it.

Individuals older than 18 can apply for an “enrolled” deed poll to ensure a legal name change that’s recognized across the board. This legal document shows you’ve changed your name and will ensure the new name is issued on things like your passport or driver’s license. 

What Parts Of Your Name Can You Change?

The good news is that any legal adult can change any part of their name. These options include changing your full name or even making a minor change, such as adding a hyphen or editing the spelling. Many people choose to change their last names after getting married, while others want a new name for personal reasons.

How Much Will It Cost?

If you’re changing your surname when getting married or joining a civil partnership, you don’t have to pay anything. The fee for a deed poll is waived in this case. 

Otherwise, there is a small price when going through an enrolled deed poll process of 42.44 pounds. While this isn’t much, it’s still helpful to know before proceeding. 

Changing Your Last Name Is Rather Straightforward

The name change process in the United Kingdom is a relatively simple one. While you will have to go through the deed poll process, it’s something any adult can do. You can also apply for an enrolled deed poll for a child if you are their parent or legal guardian.

Since the fee for an enrolled deed poll is relatively low, it’s likely worth the cost if you’ve wanted to make a shift. A legal name change might be the correct route for you, and knowing how to begin that process is a significant first step. For more resources, reach out to the deed poll office. 

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