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How iGaming game developers rose to the top

The igaming market around the world has seen an astronomical amount of growth over the last few years, which has had a highly positive impact on the companies that are already within the business sector.

Indeed, with what happened in 2020 and for much of 2021, there has been a continual increase in players looking for real money casinos, as they have had more time on their hands, whilst they have also not been able to experience the atmosphere and brilliance that a normal, physical casino establishment would be able to provide them.

Many punters from around the world have since decided that they would be able to get their igaming and betting fixes via the use of online casinos, which has had a huge impact on the businesses that are involved in the igaming sector.

Swedish firms NetEnt & Evolution Gaming have benefited immensely

Swedish firms, NetEnt and Evolution Gaming are just two of the igaming firms that have benefited massively from the boom that has been experienced in the market, as both have been able to experience huge levels of success. For instance, Evolution Gaming is now considered to be worth more than online auction giants, eBay. In fact, the igaming business is doing so well, that they have decided to take over the NetEnt brand and include it with the other brands that feature in their portfolio.

Indeed, it makes sense for the two to merge, as it will help them to eliminate the competition, they were facing from each other, whilst also complementing each other as they both have huge market shares in specific sections. NetEnt are the top developer when it comes to online slot games, whereas Evolution Gaming focus on live casino and live dealer games.

Market conditions have played a role

The market conditions have also played a huge role in helping igaming game developers to rise to the top, with both markets having seen huge increases in demand in recent years that continues to grow at a steady rate.

As mentioned, NetEnt are the top igaming game developer when it comes down to the online video slot market, as they continue to release a number of new games each month, thus continually getting their brand out in front of potentially new eyes, whilst also retaining their current fanbase with new titles. It is remarkably impressive, considering the firm has to compete with 100s of different rivals.

Evolution Gaming have had it a little easier in the live casino and live dealer sphere, as there are around 20 different rivals, however they have still had to work hard to ensure they provide titles that are worthy of playing and betting on.

Again, they will have been helped by the fact that the market has been booming due to external factors that were out of their control, as punters will have been desperate to have a realistic casino experience that they may have been craving for some time.

New markets available will help igaming game developers to continue to rise

Furthermore, they appear to be making inroads within the US market, which has helped them to be worth more than eBay. The US market is a brand-new market that provides igaming developers with a huge opportunity to increase their global market share, and it is one that Evolution Gaming want to be involved in, having already established themselves in the world’s major igaming markets such as the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and India.

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