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How Important a Well-Written Thesis Is

Writing a thesis can be very difficult, especially if you have very little experience writing them. Assuming you are taking a university course, you should have already received extensive tutoring in how to write a good thesis, and what the components of a good thesis statement are. If you have not, however, then this is the article for you. A well-written thesis is very important and you should always put a lot of effort and detail into writing your thesis so that your essay is of the highest standard and you get high marks. Often, your thesis will be graded on its clarity, so it is important that you write it as best as you can.

In this article, as both our title and introduction suggest, we are going to tell you how important a well-written thesis, as well as offering a few tips and tricks to help you write a better thesis. We hope you find this article informative and enjoyable.

Here is how important a well-written thesis is.

What Is a Thesis?

If you do not know what a thesis is, here is a quick explanation. The first step in getting thesis writing help is something you can do yourself, and that is to research and understand what a thesis really is. A thesis, known more formally as a thesis statement, will introduce your essay and explain and identify what the topic being discussed is, including points discussed in your essay and paper. The thesis is written for a specific audience. A thesis statement will feature at the end of the first paragraph (the introduction). The thesis is used to generate intrigue in your readers and encourage those reading your paper to keep reading.

Tips for Writing a Thesis

We have compiled a few expert tips for writing a fantastic thesis. Here are a few of them:

  • A thesis should narrow down the topic to the specific focus of your paper’s investigation;
  • A thesis should establish a direction and theme that you will stick to for the rest of your paper;
  • Your thesis should point directly to the conclusion so the paper is completely fluid;
  • Your thesis should always be in your introduction, usually at the end of the first paragraph like we have already mentioned;
  • Your thesis should warrant further explanation and discussion – intriguing your readers.


The people reading your thesis should be able to engage with your thesis – your thesis is not a statement of fact, but rather, something that is arguable and that can be discussed and thought about. You should always write a thesis that is arguable and shows both sides, rather than bias. You must always write an engaging paper, and a large component of an engaging paper is an engaging thesis. If you do not present an arguable thesis, you will be unable to discuss and explain your critical and analytical skills in the body of the paper. A paper with a dull thesis will be a dull paper, that much we can assure you. Your thesis is the lifeblood of your paper.

Put a lot of effort into writing your thesis and always ensure that you include arguments for both sides. As the paper proceeds, you can deconstruct these arguments and gradually move into your conclusion, which is where you will show which camp you lie with. It is important to always present multiple arguments in your thesis – it is a thesis, not a statement of fact. A good way to learn how you can present multiple arguments is to read another thesis written by members of your class or academics.

Academic Writing

Your thesis must be written academically. This is something that many people seemingly forget when it comes to writing their thesis or research paper. You cannot write a thesis or an academic paper the same way that you would write a news article, a piece of fiction, or just general writing. Academic writing requires you to be very formal, demonstrate no bias, and present clear and concise arguments. Academic writing is a skill that you must learn, for very few people have the gift of being a natural academic writer. 

Your course leaders should explain to you how to write academically from the outset – if they do not and they expect you already can then it is worth picking up a few books to help you learn and understand how to write academically. Once you have learned to write academically, it will come almost like second nature to you.

In this article, we hope to have explained to you how you can write a well-written thesis, and how important a well-written thesis is. We thank you very much for joining us and reading our article and we hope that you will come back and visit us again soon.

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