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How learning Arabic can boost your career

How learning Arabic can boost your career
Photo by Mimi Thian on Unsplash

As the Middle East becomes a more prominent player in world politics and commerce, there’s been a rise in the demand for people with Arabic Language Skills. Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages in the world, with over 300 million speakers and native to about 20 countries. It is also among the six (6) official languages adopted by the United Nations.

Apart from the above, there is also an increasing demand for people with Arabic speaking skills in the United States/North America. Are you still wondering how learning Arabic can benefit your career? Below Are six ways it can.

7 Ways Learning Arabic Can Boost Your Career

Increase Your Competitive Edge Over Peers:

Whether you are just starting your career or you are already way in, learning Arabic will give you a competitive advantage over your peers.

  1. Having Arabic among your language skill set will not only open you to work in countries where Arabic is the dominant language but also give you a unique advantage of understanding the cultural and political context from which they operate.
  2. Furthermore, because only 1 per cent of American college students study Arabic, there is a shortage to meet the demand for professionals who can speak Arabic. No matter how you look at it, learning Arabic will distinguish you from others in your field.
  3. Besides, the Arabic language has close links to the culture. Hence, understanding both is a bonus for any employer in the Middle East or interested in the region.
  4. Thanks to the internet, you no longer need to enrol for Arabic classes physically; instead, you can now learn Arabic online at your convenience.
  5. Gain Language Skills Used in Over 20 Countries: Arabic is the 5th most common language in the world, the official language for over 20 countries and spoken by 300 million people.
  6. It is widespread knowledge that languages like French allow you to travel and work in several countries. The same is true for Arabic, but with an advantage, while French is widely spoken and hence the market is very competitive. The demand for Arabic speakers, on the other hand, is high due to shortage.

You can either work with the government or work for private and non-profit sectors/ NGOs, whichever you choose, your career opportunities and advancement are practically endless.

Learning Arabic equips you with

critical language and knowledge skills about regions where the United States has an interest. The United States has national interests in the Middle East and North Africa. Therefore always in need of professionals who are proficient in Arabic and also understand the cultural and political context of the region.

Aside from government and private job opportunities, you can also engage in business in the region when you understand the local language and other cultural and political situations that might be alien to non-Arabic speakers.

In addition to standard Arabic, you can also learn Egyptian Arabic for further advantage. Not to worry, learning Egyptian Arabic is much easier once you get the hang of standard Arabic.

Represent your Country Abroad

Learning Arabic allows you to represent your country in several capacities abroad, such as interpreting or gathering intelligence for your Country. If you are already in the law enforcement sector, this might give you an added advantage. One of the highest paying jobs you can do as an Arabic speaker is to work in the war zones, although you will have to consider the risks before taking such a role, higher pay, or not.

How learning Arabic can boost your career
Photo by Thirdman from Pexels

There is also a high demand for media professionals willing to cover Arab-speaking countries, with the added advantage of Arabic-speaking. This means you can pursue careers in journalism, mass media, and media writing.

Opportunity for Career Advancement

Learning Arabic might be the little extra you need to advance in your career if you work with Multinational companies and Export companies. Multinational companies have branches in several countries in the world. Since Arabic is one of the most widely spoken languages. There is a high chance that your expertise may be required.

As a multilingual, you will be able to interact with natives and clients without a language barrier. This could pave the path for promotion, higher pay, and of course, job security.

Better Incentives

There are eye-catching benefits to learning a new language like Arabic. According to experts, learning a foreign language (Arabic) can quickly add up to 10- 15 % of your salary, in addition to the opportunities to travel, experience other cultures, and meet other people.

New Job Opportunities

Learning Arabic opens you to a whole new world of job opportunities. Instead of being constrained to one career, you have the choice of choosing your most preferred career or even combining more than one in the different sectors where Arabic is in high demand.


There is more to gain when you learn Arabic beyond these seven examples. You will find out that there are opportunities for Arabic speakers in almost every career you can imagine. The best way to take advantage of these opportunities is to perfect your Arabic speaking skills and also learn about the culture, armed with these. You can excel in almost any career you choose to venture into.

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