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Everything you need to know to write a good translation

No one says that translating is a piece of cake. For many people, it’s actually quite difficult. Many ask the help of professionals, while others spend a lot of time doing it by themselves. If you need help, you came to the right place – click for New York translation services. In this article you’re going to find the best tips on how to write an excellent translation.

Don’t hurry

It’s enough that you have pressure on you from the fact that the text has to be translated good, you don’t have to make things worse. Don’t get the thought that it’s better if you finish already and don’t hurry your work. You need to take your time and read each phrase and sentence, even if it may be difficult to translate. If you keep thinking of it, you’ll start changing words and the final draft will be a mess. If you take your time and think this through, it will be easier for you to finish it all once.

Reread the text

After you finished writing the first draft, you need to take a break. Make it a long one. It’s ideal to get to it the next day. This way, when you start reading it, you’ll notice all the errors in your text – such as spelling and grammar.

You also need to take a look at the register and style. Ask yourself if you used the same register throughout the whole text. Also, see if the meaning is there. Look for all the sentences that are written awkwardly. After this, is the time to work on the details.

Reread it again

After the second long break, you’ll be able to see the errors in the changed text and you can correct them afterward.

Learn from your mistakes

Nobody is at their best from the very beginning. Spoiler alert: it’s hard to translate texts, since you need to understand the grammar – it actually requires you to have a vast vocabulary to translate a text perfectly. It’s more than just listening and reading. It’s really more than speaking. So you don’t need to feel discouraged if you can’t get it right from the beginning. It’s all about practice – and yes, it can drive you crazy, and you can get mad, but this is how you learn new words and it’s also the best way to learn the grammar of a language. Let’s not even mention spelling.

Use the correct word order

Sometimes, if you change the order of the words, you might change the whole meaning of the sentence. You need to understand the proper order of the words in a sentence. The pattern is the next one: subject, verb, object (SOV) – the dog sees the horse.

In cases when it sounds better with a changed order, then you need to make sure that the change will not have an impact on the meaning of the text.

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