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How learning Spanish can help your business

earning Spanish can help your business
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Did you know that learning Spanish is a skill that can be applied to help your business directly? You might have been thinking about learning a new language for a while, but studying Spanish can seem like a Mammoth-sized task if you haven’t taken on anything like this in a while, or ever before in your life. Here’s why you should learn Spanish and what it can do for your business.

Language Learning Teaches Skills

Language learning activates the brain’s learning centres. It means that you learn to think in an abstract way, and your brain suddenly starts making connections that you never have thought of making before. Neurons fire differently when you’re actively learning better. You will find that your general memory improves along with this, too! Language learning is able to teach you and your employees skills that you wouldn’t have picked up anywhere else, and this can lead to an increase in general productivity and much happier employees in the long run! Keeping your brain on the learning curve is also an excellent way to stave off conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease and dementia later in life. Learning is good for you.

More Than 400 Million

So, of all the languages that you could choose to learn, why would we recommend Spanish? First, there are more than 400 million Spanish speakers worldwide, some of them native speakers and some of them learned it as a second, third or fourth language. Second, Spanish is one of the easiest languages to speak and to learn: You are already familiar with the language’s structure as a whole you know where pronouns and nouns and verbs in sentences should go when you’re speaking English, right? Much of the same counts for Spanish and your brain will pick it up naturally and quickly as a result.

Employee Representation

How can learning Spanish help your business? Because there are so many Spanish speakers in the world, you can already assume that a lot of your employees already in your business will be Spanish speakers, native or not. Wouldn’t it be great if they had representation in the workplace in their own language? This would make communication in the workplace a lot easier, and employees would feel better represented in the workplace at the same time.

People Like Having Options

When it comes to the customers that frequent your business, people like having options when they call your business for a query, quote or complaint, and they like being able to be represented in their own language. It will remove the communication barrier that might exist now, and it might give your business some serious brownie points with clients if they can call you up in several languages especially if it’s their own. People like having these options, and they’ll appreciate the effort that your business has shown to accommodate them.

Diversify Your Business

Learning Spanish and adding it to the internal workings of your business can help your business to grow. First, you’ll suddenly be able to interact with a whole new base of clients who speak Spanish and can now communicate directly with you. Secondly, your employees will be far more open to communicating in their own language and you can even hire employees who speak Spanish as a first language, where they now know they can be accommodated in the workplace like they wouldn’t have before. Spanish is able to diversify what’s going on in the inner workings of your business, but it can also make the scope of your clients and your employees much larger and lead to offering great, customized customer service.

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