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How Many Different Types of Cannabis Are There?

Like any other plants, cannabis is a plant that comes up with several types, species and subspecies. this is really tough to choose the types of cannabis and they usually appear differently like the buds can be different completely in color and they can be different as per the stalks, stalks can be different in height and the overall shapes of the plant can come with different widths too. there are so many medical marijuana options are available today and so there are approx 779 types of cannabis strains which are growing in number day by day. These stains have different names. It has now a huge use in the medical sector to treat many medical issues. These types of cannabis strains are very much important now for various reasons. These strains allow all the professional weed growers to make and experiment with the hybrid type of combination. They are researching and discovering new strains every day with a new type of cultivation of cannabis. As there are different types of strains, there are also different types of genetic differentiation within the species of the plant. Some species also grow much faster. Different new plant strand developed differently and so they come with a unique type of compound ratios. With more advanced research and experiment with the cultivation process, cannabis is now more effective for treatment. It is helpful now to treat more complex medical conditions. Growers are creating new strains from Sativa, Indica or the hybrid varieties. This is difficult to find out the exact types of strains.

Knowing the strains

Cannabis strains are usually divided into three different species, Cannabis Indica, Cannabis sativa, Cannabis ruderails.

But this number is not concrete exactly. There is definitive evidence that can help you to identify the identical differences between Indica and Sativa species. These three types of marijuana act and look very much different. Let’s check the significant differences between these three types of marijuana. It is really important to know the strains before buying it. Different Weed Shop offers different kinds of marijuana or weed. If you know the type of marijuana you are looking for, you need to buy them from the legal or licensed sellers only. Unauthorized sellers offer only the bad quality weed.

Types of cannabis

Most popular and commonly recognized specie of marijuana is Sativa. This is also the largest among the crops. These plants can grow very tall and it can reach up to 15 feet in its height. But there you may find many branches that are pointed upward.

Branches are quite sparsely packed together. Water leaves of the plant are long and quite narrower. These leaves are very much delicate and soft that appear much like the small version of the entire plant. This cannabis is originated from the places of warm weather like Southern Africa, Mexico or mostly in India. It can flower under a specific light condition. It requires more than 11 hours of darkness also in a day. The THC level is quite low in Sativa than the other types but it has a high level of CBD. This Sativa comes with an energizing effect. People may consume the weed from this particular strain in the afternoon or morning. As cannabis has an energizing or mood-lifting effect, people with exhaustion or depression mostly deal with it. This is an outdoor growing crop. Many cultivators prefer to have this cannabis because of its long height and low density. Due to the structure, the sun can reach easily to the buds and produces a good outcome.


This type of cannabis is quite different than the other types of cannabis. It is different in its effect and appearance both and it comes with a studier look too. It can be approx 3-feet height. Maybe the height is quite low for the plant but it comes with a bushy, dense appearance. There you may find many nugs and colas too.

The water leaves of the plant are much more healthy and plump. If you get the wider appearance, it may mimic the entire figure of the plant. The characteristics of the plant are completely different from Sativa. The Sativa needs a lot more space for the successful production but Indica doesn’t. This plant grows mostly during the flowering period and faster growth occurs later. You can grow it in your indoor place also. It comes with a shorter growing cycle than any other type of cannabis plant. You will not get the huge yields from this plant that will never be able to level up with Sativa crop. You can get the best o quality with proper care. This plant is originated from Central Asia mostly like Afghanistan, Nepal, Turkestan, Pakistan or Lebanon. For making hashish, this is the best type of plant that contains only high-quality resin. Indica strains can provide a body high and they are relaxing.

Rederails Cannabis

This is the third specie of Cannabis but not very popular like the other two types of cannabis. It grows very short, approx 20 to 25 inches just. But like Indica, it has dense foliage in structure. It is more like the extreme version of Indica Cannabis is its appearance. This cannabis is not psychotropic but it has an auto-flower effect. This is the key reason that cannabis has use as the source of genetic material. This cannabis has a short flowering duration too. You may find it in the northernmost climates like Russia. In this climate, it can withstand different harsh condition even a frost tolerance. It has a very low level of THC than the other types of cannabis.


This type of stains is designed by cross germinating of two different types of seeds from common strains. It comes with the effects of both types of cannabis. Blue Dream, Purple Kush, Sour Diesel are the most common types of Hybrid. There can be an endless number of cannabis combinations to create a new one with different effects.

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