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Medical marijuana and CBD oil legislation in Australia

CBD oil also known as cannabis oil is extracted from the hemp plant and has more of the health-related benefits associated with medical cannabis. The oil comes from the  whole plant including flowers, the leaf and a little from the stalk of the plant. CBD oil is generally used for medicinal purposes, unlike marijuana which is generally used for recreational purposes. Both marijuana and CBD oil have two completely different compounds and uses. Taking cannabis for recreational purpose is not allowed in Australia. This is because whenever a person takes the cannabis as a recreational product they have no idea of its origin, where it is grown, which part of the plant is used for its extraction etc. But when it is prescribed by a doctor in CBD oil form, it is regulated and standardized and only a part of the plant is used to extract the oil. All the details of the amount and its dose are controlled in studied and tested in clinical trials as they have experienced it before.

Medical cannabis is generally cannabis prescribed by the doctors to patients who want to get relief from some symptoms such as epilepsy. But there is a great difference between medical cannabis and recreational cannabis. Recreational cannabis is used by people to get high while there are some cases when conventional medicines do not work for some people suffering from terminal or chronic diseases. Cannabis can help them to relieve from such conditions. The main ingredient of cannabis is THC which has the ability to act in the brain on a special receptor known as cannabinoid receptors.

Expect therapeutic benefits

The cannabis plant produces cannabinoids and non-cannabinoids chemicals. CBD and THC are the two most important cannabinoids that can help in therapeutic benefits. CBD is thought to have an anti-psychoactive effect and also helps in reducing some negative effects such as anxiety. It also helps in treating epilepsy, psychotic disorders, inflammatory bowel disease, drug dependency, schizophrenia, type 2 diabetes and some tumours.

Numerous people claim that some smoking cannabis must be considered as a treatment of medical conditions or even as a cure for cancer. But this includes some major concerns about this type of consideration. Firstly, smoking is one of the harmful methods of taking cannabis as it leads to direct inhalation of carcinogenic substances into the lungs. This is not recommended by health authorities. Secondly, most of the medicines in Australia are produced under the conditions recommended by doctors as to when they prescribe them they know what is in them. They have been tested the medicine before and the dose is the same.

Treatment for medical conditions

There is legislation that allows for the cultivation of medical cannabis for CBD and Medical Marijuana in Australia that has been passed by the federal government. The Narcotic Drug Amendment Bill 2016 that permits the cultivation of cannabis in Australia for medicinal and research purposes has been provided by the help of the legislative framework. They also keep this in mind that when the production, manufacture or cultivation of cannabis begins, Australia remains with amendable with obligations of the foreign countries.

Victoria was the first state in Australia that legalized the use of medical cannabis and it was then followed by other states also. Victoria legalized it for using cannabis for the treatment of those children who are suffering from epilepsy; Queensland legalized it by prescription for patients suffering from a range of conditions including epilepsy, cancer, HIV/AIDS and many more. New South Wales legalize it for those adults who are suffering from those illnesses that are for the end of life. Many are looking forward to the support it can give to mental health illnesses in terms of anxiety and depression.

This act constituted only those people who fall under category 6 illnesses within certain criteria. Tasmania allowed the patients to have only that cannabis which is not registered and hence there was no need to make any legislative changes in Tasmania. WA and SA allow the use of cannabis if prescribed by a doctor under certain conditions. Still, the use of marijuana and CBD for recreational purpose remains illegal all over the country in Australia.

Allowing production

The legislation of Australia allowed the production and the use of medical marijuana and CBD in case medical cannabis products are prescribed as controlled medicines. They were either manufactured in Australia in accordance with the Australian government department of health legislation or imported with valid customs import license. The license was issued by the Australian government department of health.

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