Cannabis enjoys a reputation for its powerful medicinal properties. The plant contains more than 480 compounds, with cannabidiol (CBD) and tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) being its two most widely studied compounds.

Many of the therapeutic properties of cannabis are tied to cannabidiol, and understandably so. CBD can help treat or manage various medical conditions, including pain, anxiety, seizures, insomnia, to mention but a few.

Another great thing to love about CBD is that there are numerous ways to consume it, including CBD-infused edibles. If you’re just getting introduced to CBD edibles, you may be wondering how to choose the best edible products that are effective, safe, and deliver maximum value for your money. CBD is safe, natural like the vegan gummies, and highly effective. It can potentially treat many of the symptoms associated with menopause while also promoting overall health and wellness.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on how to choose CBD-infused edibles.


How To Choose CBD-infused Edibles

  1. Determine If You Need CBD Edibles in the First Place

Even before choosing CBD-infused edibles, you should first determine if you need the edibles in the first place. That’s because there are several other ways to consume cannabidiol besides edibles.

You can vape CBD-infused e-juice, smoke hemp flower, or consume CBD oil tinctures sublingually. Other popular ways to consume CBD include swallowing encapsulated pills or applying CBD-enriched salves and ointments topically.

So, why consider edibles?

First, the therapeutic effects of edibles last considerably longer. That’s because as CBD-infused edibles pass through your digestive tract, it takes time for the cannabinoids in the product to get absorbed into your bloodstream.

Another notable benefit of CBD edibles is that they come with predetermined doses, which makes them relatively easier to consume.

  1. Buy from Reputable Brands

As the cannabidiol industry continues to boom, there’s an equally increasing number of CBD retailers. That should come as good news in terms of supply and availability.

However, the fact that the CBD industry is mostly unregulated opens up avenues for unscrupulous vendors. So, before purchasing your cannabidiol products, conduct your due diligence to establish the vendor’s reputation. 

At the very least, insist on retailers who deal in CO2-extracted CBD. Shun CBD vendors whose products were sourced through other means, such as the use of hydrocarbons.

Another way to establish the credibility of a CBD vendor is to inquire whether their products have been tested by third parties. And don’t just take the retailer at their word. Instead, check for evidence of third-party testing before placing your order. Companies like High Supplies provide their customers with a copy of a third-party testing report with every order you place. It means quality assurance on every order.

Usually, that evidence includes the concentration of CBD in the product and the testing facility, test batch number, and the date tested. Third-party testing results prove that a different lab has analyzed the product’s ingredients and ascertained that they’re consistent with what appears on the label.


  1. Check the Kind of Cannabinoids That Comprise the Product

It’s intuitive to imagine that CBD edibles are purely formulated with cannabidiol. However, cannabidiol isn’t always the only compound that CBD products contain. The edibles might feature other cannabinoids, too, including the psychoactive THC. That underscores the importance of checking the ingredients list of any CBD edible before purchasing the product.

Generally, a CBD edible will feature the name ‘isolate’ on its label if it’s the only cannabinoid in the product. Other products may be labeled ‘broad-spectrum’ if the product contains CBD and other non-psychoactive compounds of cannabis. Lastly, the phrase ‘full-spectrum CBD’ denotes edibles that feature as many cannabinoids as possible, including CBD, THC, cannabigerol (CBG), and even terpenoids.

Full-spectrum products deliver compounded therapeutic benefits known as the entourage effect. But since they contain some THC, such edibles are ideal for CBD users who are already familiar with the euphoric effects of THC.

  1. Check the Strength and Dosage Information

As we already indicated, the best CBD gummies come with pre-measured doses. But before buying any CBD edibles, examine its strength. To help guide your decision in this regard, you should take inspiration from your recommended dosage.

For instance, you may come across CBD edibles with 100 mg concentration of CBD when your serving size is 15 mg. Since 100 isn’t a multiple of 15, it may become a bit of a problem splitting the edible into equal parts of 15 mg. So, your best is to consider a product infused with CBD concentration that’s a multiple of 15, such as 60 mg, 90 mg, 120 mg, etc.

Another best practice is to choose edibles that come in smaller portions. It may be convenient to purchase CBD-infused chocolate with 120 mg of CBD if your dosage is 15 mg per serving. After all, it would be easier to split the product into equal parts of 15 mg, right? Well, not quite.

Splitting the chocolate into eight equal parts may be a tedious process. The better alternative is to buy eight chocolates, each infused with 15 mg of CBD.


  1. Check for Flavoring Information

Last but not least, always check for the kinds of flavors that your CBD edible contains. You’ll enjoy your edible products if they include your favorite flavors. 

Some of the common flavorings in CBD edibles include coconut, vanilla, strawberry, apple, and even tobacco.

But finding your favorite flavors isn’t enough. You should also establish the concentration of those flavorings. Some people prefer fuller flavors in their CBD products, whereas others are more at home with mild flavors.

What if you’re in doubt or are yet to settle on your best flavors? In that case, you should choose edibles formulated with flavorings that have been certified as food-grade, organic, and ideal for oral consumption.


Choosing CBD edibles isn’t as simple as walking into a retail outlet and placing your order. You must first understand how you stand to benefit from the product. Check the ingredients list carefully to ensure it contains the right concentration of cannabidiol and that all the other components in the edible are safe and beneficial for your health.

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