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How to choose your gaming monitor? What you need to know? (guide)

When you want to buy your favorite gaming laptop, it becomes very confusing for you as to which is the best laptop for? In the market there are many options available. Finding the best among those options is a mind-shattering exercise. 

To play the video games in the best manner, you need a gaming pc with a powerful graphics card and CPU and you will also need a proper gaming monitor that is able to utilize all the things. 

In this guide, we will explain to you everythings that you need to know when it comes to buying a laptop. 

1. Resolution

Resolution of a monitor matters a lot when it comes to the picture quality of the monitor. Resolution explains how many pixels a monitor has in width*height format. To have the minimum better quality, you need at least 1920*1080. You will get better quality images with QHD and even sharper with 4K. You can also look at the Huawei gaming monitor that gives the 4K display making your viewing experience better. 

2. Panel tech:

TN<IPS<VA this is the sequence when it comes to image quality. Bear in mind that TN monitors are the fastest  monitor but also they are cheapest. However they offer you the poorer image quality while viewing from a side angle. IPS monitors have comparatively faster response time and show color better than VA panels. But VA monitors have a better contrast than the other two.  Therefore when you want to buy a monitor, you need to look at which is the panel tech that suits you the most.   

3. Monitor Size

The better pixel density, the better quality of the monitor. We believe that the best pixel density is 109 pixels per inch (ppi). Bear in mind that a larger monitor which has the low resolution will also have the low pixels. You have to buy a monitor that provides you with good resolution as well as good pixels with a good size. All three factors you need to consider while buying a monitor to have the better quality. For watching from the standard distance, 32 inch is the best fit for you. You can get a 32 inch monitor at 4k resolution under $1000.

4. Refresh rate:

The larger the refresh rate, the better it is. It is used to tell you the number of times you monitor updates about the new information per second. This rate is measured in hertz (Hz). if your monitor has a bigger number, it simply means that you will have smoother images. If you are a gamer, you need at least a monitor with 75 hz. Most of the monitors are usually designed  for 120 hz refresh rate. Apart from it, 60 Hz refresh rate has to be there if you want a good gaming experience. 

5. A Curved monitor:

The shape of the monitors matter the most. You need to give it the most priority as it can make your gaming experience better than and more immersive than you ever thought. A curved shaped-monitor provides you that experience. It is also less eye-straining. However, you might face a glare if you view from a particular angle. Better curved monitors are ultrawide and have 30 inches. 

When you decide to buy it, keep in mind curvature specs. An 1800r curvature comes with a curved radius of 1800mm and the maximum viewing distance is 1.8m in this curvature specs. The lowest curvature you have and the better curved display you will get. 

6. Response time:

Unless you are into gaming, it does not matter much. However, for gamers, it should be as short as possible. Response time implies how much time a monitor takes to change individual pixels from black to white. If you have the longer response time, it simply means that motion will blur while gaming and watching fast-paced videos. When it comes to gaming monitors, the highest response time is 5ms, whereas the fastest gaming monitors can have a 0.5ms response time. 

All the aforementioned features, you should look at while buying a gaming monitor. It will really really provide you better clarity while deciding to buy a gaming monitor.

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