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The benefits of a gaming VPN and 2 recommended services to try

Esports is one of the most sought out activities, especially of the younger generation. As the year progresses, online gaming is on the rise and updated. A vast population uses online gaming as a form of living, and others use it for leisure. Gaming also helps you form new friendships and bonds worldwide. 

Online gaming is competitive and ultramodern. Professional players invest an ample amount of money in setting up the best-personalized computers. They take time to build and form their gears and set-ups, which cost thousands of dollars to experience the best gameplay. Even amateur players who aspire to be professional invest in their computers.

Online gamers experience and relate to one common problem in playing. That problem is the slow internet connection. A poor connection means having setbacks and possibly losing a game. That is when a gaming VPN comes in. It offers a lot of benefits and advantages to all gamers out there. 

Gaming VPN Facts and Benefits

Improves the Speed of Your Internet Connection

A poor internet connection is the dilemma gamers usually encounter. Lagging can take a toll on gamers, mainly because it causes delays in gameplay and affects overall performance. One of the best solutions to improve and regulate your internet connection is with a gaming VPN. Virtual Private Network is an application that encrypts data to the remote user and the company to enhance its internet connection. It helps the gamer experience smoother gameplay and, therefore, can maximize its skills and execution.

Aids Protection and Security

Besides assisting your internet connection, VPN applications also help gamers secure their privacy and increase reliability and dependability. Hacking computers worldwide are clear and usual because personal computers contain confidential personal information. VPN’s help guards your data and provides a different IP address so that digital hackers would not easily hack your personal computers.

Accessible to Games Not Available to Your Country

Online gamers love to explore and discover new games. They are frequently in search of new thrills and challenges not to be monotonous. One hindrance to fulfilling this is that the game you desire is not accessible to your country. Some games are for specific locations and are limited. A gaming VPN can help you access those games that are not available to your country and experience the much-expected gameplay you seek.

Swatting Prevention

Swatting is a common form of harassment in the gaming world. Players around the world have different personalities in gaming. Some players are calm and know how to keep their cool. In contrast, others are short-tempered and easily irritated. These players may hold grudges to their opponents; thus, some resort to swatting. 

Online gamers should protect their online information and privacy to avoid swatting. One must be extra cautious in revealing their real identity and personal location. With gaming VPN, they can furtherly protect their privacy and have fewer worries.

Public Internet Connection Safety

Sometimes, gamers unexpectedly need to play on the go with their laptops out in public, and the WiFi access open for everyone is the only internet connection available. With the help of a gaming VPN, you can play and browse your computers without concern. It protects you from hackers who can steal your personal information because Public WiFi’s are clearly not secured and are also unencrypted. 

IP Banning Protection

Sometimes you cannot play a particular game for violating the game’s rules and policy, which ban your IP address from preventing you from playing. There are also cases in which you are banned for no reason at all. Gaming VPNs can provide you with a different IP address to remove the IP bans. For you to play hassle-free and avoid getting banned from playing the game you love.


ExpressVPN is one of the top gaming VPN applications for mobile gamers. It has around 3,000 servers and 160 VPN server locations and is very useful, especially for IOS app users. This App is consistent in the market. It provides a stronger internet connection by finding compatible locations for your internet improvement.

The App is easy to use and understand and provides other options such as security and privacy tools for cyber protection. It has a kill switch feature that prevents the leaking of network data. It has been in the market since 2009; it means they are well trusted, and they continue to dominate the market. 

ExpressVPN may be a little more expensive than its competition, but its service is worth it. They also have superb customer service. It’s more practical to spend on patented brands compared to free VPN apps, which have no reliability and credibility. 


NordVPN is one of the recognized brands in the industry. With 5,200 servers and 62 VPN server locations, computer users could connect to thousands of places than its competitors. They also provide no privacy leaks during their tests, and you can find its speed to be reliably fast. They also offer simultaneous connection count with six connections allowed, compared to other network providers who only offer five or fewer connection count.

This App works well on devices with IOS, Android, macOS, Windows, and Linux. They also block malicious websites. Many suspicious websites can infect your computer and smartphone devices, and security is of importance. NordVPN secures those malicious sites to prevent malware from infecting your devices. The company offers different subscription types.


VPNs can help improve your gaming experience as you experience difficulties in your internet connection. Besides helping you improve your internet speed, VPN also provides security and privacy to keep you safe from viruses and suspicious malware that can hold your essential information. They also hide your IP address to protect your location and prevent other people from stalkers and social site hackers. Public Wi-Fi is not encrypted, which means it is not secured. You need to be extra vigilant because hackers can see personal information from your smartphone or other devices when using public Wi-Fis. We hope this article helped you out in knowing more about VPNs.

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