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How to create a youtube channel that will grow and get views

1) Always Have A Clear Objective Or Goal

One of the most important aspects of creating a YouTube channel is to have a clear goal or objective in mind while you maintain and grow your channel.

There are a few questions you will want to continually ask yourself:

What added value can I bring my audience with videos?

Will my current team be able to produce videos or do I need to find a video production team?

Will my team have the available time and knowledge to adequately run and manage a YouTube channel.

What are my full goals and expectations?

2) Maintain A Brand Image

There is no denying that YouTube is a large platform with almost 2 billion users and 500 hours of content uploaded on a per-minute basis! If you want to be found and grow, your channel is going to have to be the best of the best.

In most cases, a user is going to find your video through the search function and work their way to your channel. To entice people to that part of the game, it is up to you to create unique titles and engaging thumbnails.

We have all heard that nothing beats a good first impression, and the same is true with your channel. Your channel must convey the overall meaning and essence of your brand. Ensure that your channel highlights a professional looking banner that encompasses the overall theme of your brand. On the home tab, create a welcome video that will give users an overall feeling of what the channel is about.

3) Short and Sweet Videos

The average attention span of viewers is getting relatively shorter and shorter. The vast majority of online video experts suggest videos have a run time of 6 to 8 minutes while explaining a topic or bringing up a new idea.

However, if you are trying to explain a complicated topic, do not try to cram it into a short amount of time. It is important to keep viewers engaged and not lose interest, if your topic is complex, you may want to create a two-part video.

4) Create Multiple Playlists

Having multiple types of videos on your channel can help ignite an interest in viewers, and it shows that your company offers a wide variety of content.

Your company could create multiple playlists with one’s focusing on how-to videos, a frequently asked question series, introducing members of your team to the community, or educational videos that showcase your business’s expertise. By having a wide variety of playlists, it shows that your business can be personable and entertaining.

5) Maintain Consistent Posting

For your audience to have the best experience on your channel, you must create a consistent content scheduling system. However, you never want to sacrifice quality content to post something. If you have a wide range of topics you would like to discuss, you may want to consider two videos a week as long as you can post on the same days.

If your company does not have a lot of topics to discuss, you may want to start posting once or twice a month just to get started on a schedule. This will all be dependent upon the amount of content and time you have available to create high-quality videos. Always remember that the videos you post are a reflection of you and your business and you want to be proud of them.

One piece of advice to make life easier is to have content planned ahead of schedule. If you have a focused plan, it is possible to take a weekend and film all of your videos at once. This will allow you to drip feed content to your channel so it always remains fresh and full of high-quality content.

6) Be An Active Presence

Another great way to keep your channel up to date and fresh is by engaging with other channels and subscribers. Increase your views with The Marketing Heaven.

You can assign team members to focus on interacting with clients and competitors to be seen as an active channel on YouTube. This can be simple aspects such as liking, viewing, and commenting on other videos, which helps to improve your channel engagement.

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