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How to get the best motorcycle loan

At last, you have decided to purchase a motorcycle. You want a means of transport that is not only convenient but also affordable. But the problem is that you need enough money to get a motorcycle. So, where do you start? Whom do you turn to? Well, getting a motorcycle loan is the answer. With a motorcycle loan, you can get your machine in no time and hit the road running. However, you need the right loan. You require an affordable loan. This article has been dedicated to those seeking motorcycle loans—giving them clearway on how to secure these credit facilities. Keep reading!

The Options

There are a lot of options out there that you can use to finance your motorcycle. However, it’s advisable to choose an option that suits your explicit needs. Compare the rates. What are the terms and conditions of each option? Remember, you will be required to pay the loan. So, go for the best deal on the market. Here are a few options to consider:

Banks vs. Credit Union

You can choose to get your loan from a financial institution such as a bank and credit union. It’s also important to note that these loans work in a similar way like getting a car loan. Thus, the process is similar. However, don’t just look at what you’ll be paying in terms of monthly payments. Ensure that you can afford the monthly payment. Also, look at the terms and conditions of that loan. Don’t forget to consider the loan length. Go for loan facilities with longer loan length—it will give you an easy time repaying your loan without straining. Moreover, check your credit score. Remember, the better your credit score, the better the loan offer. Get your loan from instabank and purchase your dream motorcycle.


Another option for financing your motorcycle loan is through the dealership. The best part with this option is that it’s simple and takes less time. It’s a one-stop-shop. You don’t have to move. You get your loan from a dealership and get your motorcycle.

However, going through this option limits you in terms of options. You don’t get time to compare the rates. Plus, most dealership loans come with higher interest rates. You also don’t have the privilege to negotiate when it comes to the terms and conditions.

A Personal Loan

Taking a personal loan to finance a motorcycle purchase is another good option you can pursue. Here, the motorcycle will act as collateral. However, if you don’t have a motorcycle that can act as collateral, you might be forced to look for an unsecured personal loan.

It’s important to note that unsecured personal loans come with higher interest rates than their secured counterparts. Plus, they are characterized by strict prepayment penalties. This means that paying off the loan too early will force you to pay extra fees. Even more, you should consider the APR—especially when it comes to interest rates. The bottom line is to choose a loan that fits into your explicit needs.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t just go for any motorcycle loan. A motorcycle loan is like any other loan. You will be required to repay it back within the stipulated time. That’s why you should carry out due diligence so that you get the best loan. The above guide is all you need to get the best loan for your motorcycle. Good luck!

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