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How to hire the best full time marketing professionals

Any business seeking to grow its customer base or expand operations in general needs a game plan of sorts to execute this goal. While there are hundreds of options for pursuing this in terms of the minutiae involved, most ultimately converge around one simple premise: solid marketing strategies.

Online businesses and brands that are fortunate enough to enjoy in-house marketing efforts can benefit in many ways that others relying on contacted marketing assistance lack. Regardless of niche or industry, having full-time professional marketing assistance under your roof can make a world of difference in the outcomes of each marketing campaign.

To facilitate the best possible outcomes, let’s examine how businesses and brands can ensure they’re hiring the best full-time marketing professionals before making any concrete commitments.

Carefully Evaluate Resumes

The first step in ensuring that your prospective hires for marketing efforts are top-notch professionals is to take a careful look at each resume. Depending on the size of your company and the extent of promoting the available position, you may receive anywhere from several applicants to dozens of applicants.

Filtering down the pool to a select few is crucial in this initial stage, and can be done through a variety of methods. One such example is looking for CVs in lieu of standard resumes (the best CV templates, such as these from LiveCareer, are often simple, straightforward and informative). Filtering based on resume format is a first step, but then evaluating each resume based on marketing experience is crucial in boiling down prospective professionals to a select few.

Ask for Examples

Once you have filtered the pool of applicants down to a manageable number, the task should then turn to interviewing each applicant in a preliminary fashion. Reaching out to each professional and requesting examples of prior work – or even better, explanations of how they’d handle specific marketing scenarios championing by your company – can help further sort the wheat from the chaff.

One of the primary ways to evaluate actual skill in this regard is to request a marketing plan from prospective applicants. By providing each professional with some information about your brand – along with some hypothetical goals – you can get an idea of just how proficient each person is with devising the framework for marketing strategies on the fly.

Understand Your Needs

Simply hiring somebody with experience in marketing isn’t good enough, regardless of their resume or experience. Ultimately, hiring professionals on a full-time basis who understand the channels and mediums that are ideal for your efforts will affect the outcomes of future campaigns. Some businesses may be focused predominantly on email marketing, while newer entities may seek to build clout via search engine and social media marketing.

Understanding the different types of digital marketing and how they can help businesses grow is a must-know dynamic before hiring anybody. Once you understand what exactly your business needs in terms of marketing efforts, the final round of marketing applicants will be easily narrowed down to your final choice(s).

As it turns out, narrowing down the potential pool of full-time marketing professionals isn’t as difficult of a task as you might imagine. By carefully evaluating resumes, asking for examples of how they’d respond to business-specific marketing endeavors and determining which marketing efforts your brand will focus on, selecting one or more skilled applicants from the bunch can be accomplished quite easily.

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