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How to identify lucrative trading opportunities in real-time

In today’s world, people are more and more conscious of their money. As much as we may live in a highly materialistic society, the basis of said materialism is rooted in “hustle.” This is a direct shift in perspective compared to that of previous generations. Where baby boomers looked at royals, and children of shipping scions and saying, “Wow, look at them,” millennials and Gen Z tend to look at young, bright, earnings oriented business owners. We may see the Ferrari, and the one-bedroom, $3 million home in Venice, California and think that it’s completely outside of our room of attainment. That’s just not true. There are a bunch of different opportunities that you can find by just looking.


The hottest buzzword right now in the investing world is bitcoin. Bitcoin is, in essence, everything an investor dreams that they had, while at the same time an absolutely volatile space of Internet numbers. Depending on who you talk to, it may be the best or the worst investment you can make. Those naysayers are often traditional, suit and tie, Wall Street types. You cannot deny the billions that have been made all over the world by cryptocurrency. It’s good to get it now while Fiat currency is at its wits’ end. It’s always advisable to study before investing. But there are apps that can automate the process in order to help you understand while making the best moves possible. If you look at btcloophole and the services they offer, you can be making profits while expanding your knowledge. It’s like the best-paid internship in how to get rich.


Nobody can predict the stock market. Nobody knows if it’s going to go up, down, sideways, or in a loop. But what you can do is identify trends and ride them. By definition, a trend is an upswing that is greater than the correction. What that means is you’re seeing an unprecedented rally for a certain stock that, in reality, shouldn’t exist. This can be seen in Q1 2020 in biotech firms. Everybody is rallying for a vaccine. Everybody is rallying for treatment. But nobody in Wall Street knows how to assess the feasibility of human trial and treatment. Stock soared. Now, the question becomes, will these publicly traded companies use their new valuation to ramp up trials, or will their hypothesis be proven wrong? Nobody knows except for them. That’s not our problem. We rode the rally.


During times of peaks and valleys in the S&P 500, gold always stays a staple. If you see that certain global events are causing a downturn in the global economy, by gold. You can ride that trend for a solid week, on the backs of millions of people that have $10,000 or less invested, late to the game. Gold will get you a solid 5 to 10% increase if you ride these waves. Don’t expect anything more than that.

A great example of the fickleness of stock, and the unpredictability of trends that you can ride, is Tesla. One day, CEO Elon Musk just decided to tweet “Tesla stock price is too high.” As expected, the stock fell by about 8%. Be smart. Do your homework. And above all, know when to get out.

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