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How to keep your engagement rings safe while traveling

Your engagement ring is a priceless symbol of your commitment to a future with your significant other. Keeping your engagement ring safe while traveling is top priority. Although many engagement rings are made with diamonds, and diamonds are hard to damage, it is possible to damage the stone and the band.

Despite the risk, leaving your ring behind isn’t an option so here are some tips to prevent your ring from becoming lost, stolen, or damaged:

1. Care for and clean your ring regularly

Although vintage engagement rings have clearly survived many years of use, it’s crucial to continue caring for them on a regular basis. You may not want to take time out of your day to clean your ring while traveling, and if you have a regular ring care routine, you probably won’t need to.

Professionals advise thoroughly cleaning your ring at least three times per year. A jeweler can steam clean your ring or you can do it yourself. For self-cleaning tips, refer to the ring cleaning guide published by Estate Diamond Jewelry. The guide addresses vintage engagement rings but the tips apply to all rings. Note that it’s advised to have a professional clean your ring if it has softer stones like emeralds and pearls.

2. Store your ring safely at all times

You probably don’t want to take off your engagement ring while you’re traveling, but sometimes it’s unavoidable. Be mindful not to place your ring on the sink while you wash your hands. It might be better to wash your hands with your ring if you don’t have a safe place to store it.

Pockets are always a risky place to store a ring. Standard pockets can easily cause your ring to tumble out, and even zippered pockets can have holes on the other side. If you forget your ring is in your pocket, you might accidentally drop it by reaching into your pocket for another item. If you don’t lose your ring, the fall could cause damage.

If you don’t already have a place to store your ring while you wash your hands, hit up the hotel gym, or shower, consider getting a Ring Hero pouch. It’s a simple zippered pouch you wear around your wrist. You can’t wear it in the shower, but you can certainly store your ring inside the pouch and place the pouch on the bathroom sink.

If you have your ring’s original box, that’s a great place to store it temporarily. Of course, you don’t want to leave your ring in the box in your hotel room and risk theft. However, the box can make a great temporary spot while you jump in the shower.

Some of the worst places to store a ring include wrapping it in a tissue or placing it on a window sill, on the kitchen or bathroom sink, the back of the toilet, and in your pocket.

3. Don’t take your ring off where others can see

If anyone sees you take off your ring, you could be unintentionally inviting theft. A thief might take the opportunity to distract you to try to gain access to wherever you placed your ring, especially if you put it in your pocket.

4. Get your engagement ring insured and appraised every five years

Professional jewelers recommend getting your ring insured and appraised every five years. Ring insurance will only cover the cost of your last appraisal. If the value of your ring has gone up and you’ve had a recent appraisal, you’ll be able to recover a sum closer to the value of your ring.

5. Remove your ring while you perform activities with your hands

Your engagement ring’s band is softer than you think and can be bent and warped with enough impact. Always remove your engagement ring when engaging in activities that put pressure or cause impact to your ring’s band. For example, take off your ring and store it safely while working out at the gym, doing yoga, playing sports, and even cycling.

Removing your ring during these activities also protects your finger from ring avulsion, which is a painful injury you don’t want to experience. Some people who experience ring avulsion end up losing their finger.

Safe travels to you and your ring

Keep your engagement ring safe and secure by following these tips. Most importantly, plan ahead for how you’ll store your ring when needed. You’ll have a better vacation knowing your ring is safe and secure.

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