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International legal advice – being covered abroad

A lawsuit is always annoying, even if you have a good legal expenses insurance. It is particularly annoying, however, if you are served with a lawsuit from abroad or, for example, have to conduct a legal dispute at your holiday destination. Then you need competent international legal advice or good lawyers in Greece.

Just imagine the following situation: Holiday in Greece, finally in the sun – but then the booked hotel proves to be completely useless – but an amicable settlement with the provider or hotelier is not possible, then a competent local lawyer’s office in Greece is necessary.

A legal dispute abroad is not far away

Many people wrongly think that litigation abroad is a long way off and can simply be sat out. However, if you are served with a lawsuit from abroad, you shouldn’t just sit back and think that it’s actually none of your business. Because, contrary to what many people believe, it is also possible to have a judgement served at the place of residence. For this reason alone, one should also defend oneself against accusations from abroad and not simply ignore the complaint.

International agreements serve to ensure that complaints from abroad and possible judgements against citizens of different member states can also be enforced. Private individuals and companies alike should therefore defend themselves against lawsuits with local lawyers.

Lawsuits from abroad don’t have to be written in the national language of the defendant

Litigation alone is legally overburdening most people, not to mention the psychological and emotional pressure. But litigation abroad makes things even more difficult. Those affected know the applicable legal situation even less here than at home.

It can also be particularly difficult for those affected because a statement of claim from abroad does not have to be written in the national language of the defendant. As long as the usual correspondence was conducted in the official language of the plaintiff’s country, the plaintiff can justifiably assume that the defendant has a sufficiently good command of the language for the legal dispute.

In such cases, not only the competent assistance of a foreign lawyer is necessary, but also the assistance of a competent translation agency. Because even someone who speaks a foreign language very well should not simply rely on the fact that one is also able to understand legal documents correctly and above all: to answer a lawsuit or even a legal letter correctly. A machine translation is already very good today, but you should not rely on a machine in an important situation – because a machine can produce legally correct writing or translation.

How do you survive a legal dispute abroad?

In order to survive a legal dispute abroad a good insurance is of central importance. Because not every legal expenses insurance policy covers a legal dispute abroad. And there are many more costs involved than in court proceedings at home.

Not only do the legal costs have to be paid under certain circumstances, but the foreign lawyer must be paid according to a different scale of fees and a professional translation agency must be engaged.

Under certain circumstances, travel expenses may be incurred if you have to appear in court in person.

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