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Sustainable Integration into Society and the Labour Market – Young People Get Real Job Opportunities

The JOBLINGE organisation in Berlin is currently supported by the Aroundtown Foundation.

The Aroundtown Foundation aims to support JOBLINGE, which is a non-profit organisation designed to help young people enter the job market by giving them access to sustainable job prospects that they can take advantage of in the future.

The foundation provides support to the organisation through several means. The first of which is through financial resources. For example, they may provide a joint summer party either before training or when a job begins. Outside of that, the foundation provides more practical support in the form of equipment such as valuable laptops.

The company also provides limited job opportunities, with one young person receiving an apprenticeship contract with the foundation and starting as an apprentice in August 2022.


The company known as JOBLINGE works to help young people and adolescents. They provide support for everything from career counselling, which takes the form of writing letters to apply for roles, to prepare for interviewing for a new role.

The company also presents support for solving problems during the training process, or when beginning a career, and provides them with real, professional and practical opportunities in the corporate world. The goal of the organisation is to provide sustainable integration into the current labour market and society.

What is the Aroundtown Foundation?

The Aroundtown Foundation first came into being in 2018. The foundation was designed to provide logical, pragmatic, and target support for institutions and projects which exist within the local portfolio. The foundation assumes social responsibility for strengthening and improving local communities.

The main focus of the charity is on projects which can help young people and children. Other areas of interest for the Foundation include art and culture, charitable causes, elderly care institutions, educational opportunities and sports activities.

Aroundtown is the third-largest real estate company in Europe. They are committed to a goal of sustainable investment and focus primarily on income-generating properties which provide tangible value to the surrounding areas. The main focus of the organisation is in central locations across Germany and the Netherlands.

The main portfolio of the company is commercial real estate, hotels and residential properties. The success of Aroundtown is primarily attributed to the experienced staff which comes from all areas of the value chain. It is through these that Aroundtown effectively uses its long-term potential.

The company is widely known for being a reliable partner which emphasises professional innovation, organisation and flexibility. As a company, Aroundtown is a member of the German Property Federation (ZIA), Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), and the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB), a signatory of the United Nations Charter of Diversity, and has obtained numerous EPRA BPR Gold Awards and EPRA sBPR Gold Awards during its lifespan.

15% of Aroundtown is owned by Avisco, which is controlled by Mr Yakir Gabay. Other shareholders in the company include Blackrock, Norges, Vanguard, Allianz, BNP Paribas, Alliance-Bernstein, Dekabank, Bank of Montreal and other leading international investors.

The main bond investors include ECB, GIC, Union Investment, DB, UBS, CS, M&G, Pictet, Credit Agricole and many other major institutional investors.

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