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How to make a featured online hotel booking website

The modern world has been witnessing the power of the internet and its advancement since it has developed. Every online business, whether it is an eCommerce website or a Hotel Reservation website integrates the best and latest features in their website to make it one of the best of its kind. They usually include features like the security, user-friendly interface, multiple payment system and two factor authentication, etc. If, you are going to start an online hotel booking system, you should follow the below mentioned key features which convert the website’s lookers into bookers:

  1. Choose A Perfect Domain Name

If you yet not have designed a website for your hotel booking system, choose the best domain name like it helps internet users explore the destination and places where they want to travel. Moreover, it will improve the website’s SERP.

  1. Attractive ‘Book Now’ Button

Your online hotel reservation app or a website needs an easy to use and simple ‘Book Now’ button that could be found easily. Moreover, it should be eye catching so that visitors would not leave your app without clicking it. Additionally, the language on buttons is like that, it tells the users what to do next.

  1. Live Chat or Chat Bots Service

Many times visitors have some queries regarding available services on your website and when they do not find the answer, they leave the website in dilemma. Thus, make sure to provide live chat or chat bots service on every page so that they can get the answers for their queries or confusions. Chat bots is automatic answerable software that answers the common questions that are mostly raised in the visitor’s mind.  Be smart while adding pop up in chat bots, like don’t just pop up with Hi message, you can use ‘can I help you’ for attracting users to chat.

  1. Security Lock

Hoteliers are always concerned about their guest safety in their hotel, then why not to concern about the online guest’s security, where plethoras of data beaches cases have been seen every year. Moreover, online shoppers are more aware of data security than the past and they like to shop or book a hotel from a website that is loaded via HTTPS. Most of the eCommerce owners get installed the SSL certificate on their websites to provide data security to their users and to build their business credibility, improve SERP and conversion rate. For more advanced security features, you can install an EV SSL certificate on your hotel booking website that encrypts the data or private information is being travelling between a web user and web server. The Green address bar, a lock symbol and ‘HTTPS’ are its security signs.

  1. Photos And Videos Dedicated Page

Definitely, your hotel booking sites have umpteen numbers of photos and videos. But, the visitors only want to see all in one place where they can choose the desired one. Moreover, every photo or video should have a detail description that depicts your hotel features with the unique selling points of the resort. You must add multiple photo album pages that highlight the different rooms, interests, activities, meetings, weddings and amenities, etc.

  1. The Google Driving Directions Widget

Nowadays, doing a business without the help of Google is impossible. It is obvious that your hotel booking website has a Google Map or has the driving directions map. This will help your potential clients to find your location quickly and easily. This added feature can help you seal the deal.

  1. Multiple Payment Options

The more payment alternatives you show on your website, the more bookings you will get. Some people do not feel comfortable paying using a Credit Card. Thus, your online booking system must support all the payment options like Paypal, Googlepay, Applepay or iDeal, etc to make booking handy for all of your web guests.

  1. Mobile App Feature

In the era of smart phones, most of the eminent hotel reservation websites come with a mobile application feature. So, their web visitors and potential customers can access the all booking features by installing the mobile app on their phone. Mobile apps are easy to use and 65% internet traffic come from mobiles. So, do not miss the chance to convert the mobile app user into your potential customer.

  1. Visual Calendar

The visibility of the calendar is not necessary as the most of the booking apps work without a calendar, but it is just like an icing on the cake. Moreover, the calendar shows the customers what dates are available for booking and it helps them a lot in making their travel plans.

  1. Special Discounts And Deals

Everyone likes deals and discounts, so do not forget to offer discounts and deals on your website. Create unique packages that suit to every visitor’s need, whether they are booking for a full family or for a couple for honeymoon.

  1. Cancellation Service And Clear Refund Terms

The Cancellation Service and Clear Refund Terms help to build customers’ trust. The recent studies show that the customers praise the hotel when they have surety that if they have to cancel the booking they can and get full refund.  If you cannot refund the full booking payment, clearly mention it in your refund terms so that the customers do not feel cheated after canceling their booking.

  1. Additional Service

Beside the sufficient features, you can provide some extra services to your customers like car rental or flights booking.  It helps you keep the web visitors energized with exclusive deals on additional services.


You have to understand the latest trends of online reservation system so that you can develop your overall approach for your business. Thus, you must integrate these features with your online hotel booking system to give you and your customers’ a better experience while using your services.

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