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How to make money online today with SEO

Website optimization for search engines can significantly increase sales and attract new customers for small business owners.

Many business owners have their own website, but today it’s not enough to have a website.

Firstly, the site should receive traffic, and only then can you begin to attract new customers. Now there are many channels in order to declare themselves on the Internet and receive orders. These include SEO optimization, which should be used by everyone who has their own business.

A search engine like Google is a great way to make a website statement and let customers find you online, some website owners use a digital marketing agency.

If you describe in very simple words, then in the process of working on a CEO, the site is optimized by increasing its relevance and popularity to increase the traffic that the site receives from search engines.

Why SEO matters to business

You probably already heard about SEO before, but you didn’t quite understand why you should spend your time and money as the owner of a small business, which is mainly aimed at one specific region. Indeed, even if you have a local business and most orders are received directly, it is worth considering the fact that many of your customers are looking for a product or service on the Internet.

Search traffic

Search engines (such as Google, Bing), as a rule, attract 400% more traffic than pages on social networks. Moreover, 34% of search traffic comes from e-commerce sites.


For young businesses and startups that are not yet known to anyone, this option of attracting traffic is very effective, as there is an equal chance to compete for traffic with brands that have long established themselves.

1) How often do you go to the second page of search results?

A study by Hubspot showed that 75% of users will never go beyond the first page of the results.

Instead, they select the top ten website that meets their request.

Therefore, if your site is located beyond its borders in the results for a given keyword or phrase, then a huge part of the traffic will not reach you.

It is worth noting that the publication of mediocre content to simulate the activity of the resource will not bring a positive result.

If you want to compete and stand out among thousands of other sites in the search, as well as get into the TOP SERPs, be prepared to generate only high-quality and interesting content.

2) Seo will increase sales

Traditional methods of advertising no longer receive a high response from consumers. Direct mail and print ads are 1.8% among the indicators, while the number of leads from SEO is converted to a whopping 14.6%.

Why is it important to choose the right list of queries?

Of course, search engine optimization is a very effective way to attract customers, but with one caveat: professionals must fulfill it. And the point here is not so much that inept optimization can cost penalties for your site, but that the number of visitors to the site will increase, but the number of buyers will not. In order for the promotion to give the best result, it is necessary to determine the list of promotions and the promotion strategy, online loans and the financial component, without which it will be difficult to develop.

Regional SEO is important

Due to the fact that Google uses the Possum algorithm the priority is precisely the regional sites. This means that when a user searches for something, search engines try to show him results that are in the immediate vicinity or in a specific region.

This suggests that SEO not only allows you to attract a wider audience from around the world, but also increases the chances of getting a local order.

According to Google, most people (5  out of 4 ) use company data for searches.

People use search engines to find addresses, opening hours and reviews.

If your business does not have a good position in the search, you are missing a huge number of people who are actively looking for companies like yours and are ready to place an order.


Although the process of organic promotion is much wider than the above foundations, their understanding will allow you to form a basic idea of SEO optimization.

SEO is a long investment process, so it’s important to choose the right promotion strategy.

Do not try to promote a huge number of keys, focus on priorities.

Promoting more pages requires a huge budget.

In conclusion to the above.

SEO is a comprehensive development and investment with which you can perfectly increase your earnings. The more you invest in SEO, the more profit will come in the form of high positions in search engines, business growth and customer loyalty.

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