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How to Make Your Brand More Recognisable With Product Design

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Your product design represents your brand. Most consumers associate good design with reputable businesses. As consumers ourselves, a good majority of us tend to go for products with better outer appearances, whether we are browsing through the app store or shopping in a supermarket. Most successful brands are aware of this and attribute their popularity to their well-crafted brand image.

If you’re a brand that’s looking for ways to make a solid brand image and dominate the market, look no further. In this article, we will share some ways you can leverage product design to make your brand more recognisable. But before that, let’s understand product rendering and why it plays an important role in achieving this goal.

Understanding Product Rendering

Product rendering is an important part of the product design process. It requires a designer to create the product’s realistic depiction, using 3D product rendering tools and design software. The final renderings are used for creating images and videos to be used in print and digital media marketing campaigns, as per the requirements.

Investing in creating a high-quality product design can help startups, manufacturers, product creators, product marketers, or any business that wants to show a product prototype to their clients or investors. These days, it’s possible to hire freelance design professionals who can deliver high-quality work at just a fraction of the cost that a typical design company charges.

Why Product Design Plays an Important Role in Improving Brand Recognition

Good design can impress consumers

By using the right kind of colours, textures, shapes, forms, images, space, and content in a balanced, harmonious way, you can leave a great first impression on the consumers who come across your advertisements or social media promotions. Not just that, they may even develop an emotional connection with your brand, if they find the product design appealing.

Attractive product design helps create a strong brand image

Packaging and design can alter the consumers’ perception of your product, regardless of whether it’s a retail product or something you’re selling online. If the product design is good, they are more likely to consider buying your product or following your brand on social media.

Address the market competition

Regardless of which industry you are operating your business, chances are it has plenty of competition. Competitive brands know that without making their product design stand out from the crowd, they won’t stand a chance of becoming popular. If your brand doesn’t give product design the level of importance it deserves, it will face challenges while trying to increase brand awareness and generate sales.

How to Make Your Brand More Recognisable With Product Design

There are several ways brands influence their target audience by creating an attractive product design and showcasing it through print and online media.

Use attractive product design to showcase your new products

As a brand, it’s important to showcase your products and highlight their features in a way that appeals to your audience. Whether you are planning a product launch or designing a new website to promote your product in front of your target audience, it’s important to create an attractive product design that speaks about your brand and its message. It’s best to perform product modelling in a 3D format if possible, in order to give the consumers a better idea of how the product looks from different angles.

Build up anticipation before product launch

Sometimes it’s important to build anticipation about your upcoming products, in order to generate brand awareness and recognition. But how do you showcase your upcoming product if it’s not even ready yet? It’s not possible without availing 3D design services and creating a product design that makes your potential customers feel excited about the product. If the consumers like what they see, it will become easier for you to make your brand rise in popularity and generate leads.

Build great products

Building a great product isn’t possible without creating a great product design. Not only can product rendering help your product team envision the end-product you are hoping to create, but it also comes in handy during the entire product development process. This way it becomes easier for everyone on your team to stay aligned towards the set goals and build something that can make your brand popular in the market.

Create promotional images and videos

It can be tough to make your brand recognisable without putting efforts and resources into marketing. When it comes to executing marketing campaigns and getting the best results from them, it’s essential to publish images, videos, and 3D animations that can impress the consumers. To achieve this, you create a product design that clearly highlights the qualities of your product. It can make them interested to learn more about your brand and your product offerings.

Wrapping Up

Even if your brand is less known today, a good product design can help it become popular tomorrow, build a following of loyal customers,.and ultimately, make your business more profitable. Hopefully, this article helped you understand why that’s true.

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