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How To Optimize SMS For Your Marketing Needs

Having a business requires continuous work, time and energy spent on it to ensure that it continues growing and making a profit. Promoting your company is an essential part of owning a business, as this is the only way you can make yourself known to others, target a specific cohort of customers, and increase your sales and financial gain.

There is a wide range of different marketing strategies available that businesses can use – Evidently, some are more efficient than others. It is suggested that you use more than one tactic, as this increases your chances of targeting a wider audience. However, if this is not a possibility for you, you can always make sure that you use one, such as SMS marketing or Social Media, that will be just as effective in promoting your services and/or product. In this article, we will advise you how to optimize SMS for your marketing needs, so that you can effectively use this method to promote and grow your business.

Create an SMS Marketing Team

Having a business entails managing many different aspects, where marketing is solely one of them. Since there are a wide variety of marketing strategies, it is crucial that you do not oversee all of this on your own. Getting a team to focus on the marketing aspect of your company enables you to focus on other factors. When it comes to SMS marketing, it may not be as simple as sending text messages off your phone to potential customers – you may require someone who is an expert in this marketing tactic, someone who is an expert in retail and promotions, social media experts and even digital creative designers. This will increase the quality of your strategy and increase chances of targeting a wider audience.

Make it Simple

Using SMS marketing does not to be overcomplicated, it is in fact one of the easiest methods to use and manage when you do it correctly. The SMS marketing pros at VoxDirect.com suggest business owners not always have the required expertise about this marketing tactic. For this reason, acquiring a virtual assistant platform that can support with managing this marketing tactic is a smart move. This means that you will not have to worry about using your own phone for this and that the text messages sent may be more effective. If you are able to use this option, you may not require a whole team of different people as we discussed above, as you will have one platform where all information and services to manage SMS marketing is available to you.

Know Your Customer

Knowing the type of audience is crucial if you want this marketing strategy to be optimal. This means knowing that you are targeting the cohort that you intend to. For example, if your business entails selling anti-ageing skin care products, targeting 20-year olds may not be ideal. There are customer relationship management (CRM) digital software that assesses how effective your marketing tactics are by measuring how many people actually visited your website or made a purchase after receiving the text message.

Make Sure Messages Are Clear

Statistics suggest that the average individual will receive 94 text messages per day. As you can imagine, getting an SMS from a company may not be on their list of priorities, and if it is long and not concise, they may not choose to read it at all. When using this method to promote your company, make sure that you keep the message short and clear with only the information that is absolutely required. If the message is about a sale, make sure they know when the sale is happening, what it entails and when it ends. Knowing there is a small window for them to get your hands on your product will urge the client to buy the product quickly.

Make Use of Call-to-Action Buttons

Messages sent to customers must urge them to take action, otherwise they will just ignore it, thus it won’t be effective. This is why the majority of businesses ensure their messages have calls-to-action buttons, which is directly telling the customer to do something. Some examples of these include: ‘Click here’,‘Show this text’ or ‘Buy Now’. Consider what your company would benefit from and what is it that you are aiming to get out of the customer and achieve this through a simple text message.

Sent Messages at The Right Time

Text messages are a quick way to communicate with each other – we have discussed above the importance of keeping the text simple and to the point. Timing is also very important. Firstly, you should not send text messages very early in the morning or late at night, not only this may annoy customers, the chances of them ignoring it significantly increases. You also need to ensure when the customer receives the message that they do not have much time left to act as the promotion may be about to end. This will give them the sense of urgency that we have already discussed above.

SMS marketing can be extremely simple to use and very effective, considering that the majority of people have at least one phone and they use it constantly. Follow some of the tips above so that you optimize SMS for your marketing needs and watch your business grow. 

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