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Success Hacks Nation: Marketing Hacks

These will serve you with every niche! Those in consulting, marketing and coaching should pay even close attention as these will serve you well! 🙂

How to Get a Product into Market Hack – The two skills you must have to have success – Success Hacks NationThere are two parts to basically building something awesome from day one. The first part is the making of it, which means you have to create something great and there has to be a demand in the market for it. That is very, very important. 

The second part is the ability to market it! Some creators are extremely good at putting all their efforts into making something great and they think the race is over, when it has just begun. Now they must go back for the second phase which is marketing. here are those who are great marketers so they will just slap something together in order to be able to sell it! If you’re not good at the making process, then partner with those who are, and you can focus on what you’re good at which is the marketing of it!

And for those of you who are great at making stuff, you should partner or hire great marketers, who can get your products and services into other people’s platform that already have the traffic and are good at marketing it for you!

For example, YouTube, Instagram, and Facebook are all platforms, and if you can find influencers who are great at marketing then they will market what you have made that is highly valuable to their marketplace for you! That’s called integration marketing! And if you’re good at both, then congratulations, you have both the skills necessary to be able to make your business work! 

Are you Proud of It Hack – Russell Brunson – How do you know when to release your product or service? How you know when something is done? I was writing my book and kept doing it over and over again. I didn’t know when I should just stop and release it so I could let it impact the world. So, I was frustrated and talking to my dad and asked him when do I know it’s ready? He said, “when you know you’re proud of it.” So, I made some final revisions and published. But that’s what I always share when someone says, “how do I know if my work is ready?” If you’re proud of it, then it’s done! Time to release it and impact the world!

When to Move to Full Time Entrepreneurship Hack – Linda Rottenberg – Once your idea has gained traction, cut the umbilical cord. Your idea can’t take flight if you don’t leave the nest.

Focus Not on the How, But the Why Hack – Linda Rottenberg – Sharing What You Do – When you follow up with mentors or people you’re wanting to influence, don’t focus on the how, focus on the why? People respond to passion and a clear articulation of why you are approaching them in particular! For example, we’re passionate about helping kids with literacy and share your story on why. And we’re reaching out to you to see if you’re open to becoming part of our movement and spreading the message to your community by sharing it on your Facebook or sending an email to your list. Always give them some ideas on how to share it and have some templates for them. Make it easy for them to say yes. And before you know it, you’ll have people making your movement go viral!

Mentorship ->Message ->Mission HackThe Evolution of a Marketer – The transition from mentorship to message is clarity and belief.

The transition from message to mission is impact and community. 

Evolution of a Marketer – Mentorship (framework) -> Message (Hack for this is self-awareness) -> Mission – Alex Dee – When we first started, we really have no idea where to begin. So, the fastest way to be able to learn a skill set and to get going was mentorship. Studying the great ones who have done it time after time before and getting the 10,000-man hours of their experience to master their craft so we can be able to shorten our learning curve and be able to experience success in the fastest rate possible. What Mentorship does is provide a framework on exactly what the word means! The frame and the work that you can do within! That frame to be able to see things and to have a point of reference to be able to interpret things that happen. From then on, you’ll discover your own story and you’ll be able to develop your own style as you expand success, and that becomes your message!

The message you want to share with the world in order to transform it or to make money to get started. Then, as you start to experience results for both you and your clients, you realize that it’s more than just about you, and that this message needs to be shared. So, you build a movement where essentially, you’re able to share that message, from it just being yours, to it becoming a mission. And you don’t have to know this in advance. Your clients will let you know what this movement may be throughout the process. A mission that you can serve others because now money is no longer an issue and it’s more about the impact that you want to have on the world by positively transforming as many lives as possible! You’ll know you’ve made that transformation when your message has developed others who resonate with your message! And you now have a community that’s behind the mission, to start a movement, that will inspire and positively impact others!

When Marketing, Write About the Benefits, Not the Features Hack – Joe Vitale – A feature generally describes the product. A benefit generally describes what the product does for you. A good way to write about benefits would be to keep saying you get this…and the product does this…so you get…” The hack is keep asking “so that___!”

“This computer is a Pentium Pro…so that…you get a computer that is twice the speed of other computers…so that…you can get twice the amount of work done in same amount of time…so that…you are free to have longer lunches, make more calls, or focus on something else.”

Using Challenges Hack – Russell Brunson – Your challenge identifies and creates your ideal client. It gives a set outcome, by a certain time, which makes it clear to your ideal client what outcome they’ll be getting by when and increases your conversions on them enrolling to your program! 😊 

Integration Marketing – Integrate to the thank you pages of your main buyers.

Think of where you can sponsor influencers and have them run ads for you to their audience to go after a new segment.

Look at What the Market Wants and Incorporate it into Your Own Hack – Randy Jackson – I remember back when I graduated music school and I had opportunity to be mentored by the producer. I remember us finishing up a set and then I told him how much I admired him and all the great music he’s produced ,including Ray Charles, and if you had one piece of advice you can give me that I can implement right now, what would that be?

He thought about it and said, “what do you want to do?” I said I want to be a producer. He said, “you just finished music school?” I said yes. So, he said “go and open up the top of the billboards, pick any category and look at a top 10, and then look at the top 30, tell me what you see, and if you like what do you see?”

So, I looked at it and reviewed it and said well, not really. He asked me why, and said I don’t know, I just didn’t see any of my kind of music. He said, “I thought you’d say that! You see those ones on top of the billboards have figured out something in their music that you haven’t figured out yet.” So, you want to look at these as your competition and figure out what is it that they’re doing in their music and if you could incorporate in your own! Because your audience – they’re the judge! That’s the people that are downloading and who am I to say what people like, and what they don’t like!

I’ll never forget that because that’s one of the key principles when I look back into my music, and eventually into becoming a producer is it wasn’t my opinion, but looking at the competition and seeing what’s actually working and then taking that and incorporating it into my own thing to make it work!

Value Hack – Alex Dee – The difference between your value and the value of making money – It’s important to remember that you have value in and of itself. Which means you are valuable, just you without having to do anything to prove yourself to anyone. We are all intrinsically valuable just for being alive. Our life has value and I truly believe that each one of us has a unique journey on this planet. One in which we get to define what that purpose is.

Now money is an exchange of value. In order to make money, you have to bring value to the marketplace. The marketplace decides whether what you have is valuable or not. The reason I bring this up is because sometimes when we don’t make money, we feel we have no value. And that is just simply not true. It just means that whatever product or service you’re currently marketing is not valuable to the marketplace. I just want you to remember whether you make money or not, you are valuable, and your life has value. So, don’t let money define what you’re worth is, because your life has a lot of worth and a lot of value. In order to make money now, you have to find out what’s valuable to the marketplace! I call this the difference between your value and money, which is the value of the marketplace. And while you always have value, some products and services may not make you money because they have no value to the marketplace. So, you can make that shift and not take it personally and find a product that does. Either way, your soul and life have value for simply being! Remember that as you navigate your entrepreneurial journey until you find something that does make you money! 😊 

Transformation Hack – Alex Dee – Bringing value to the marketplace – The biggest hack to whether you’ve brought value in the marketplace is, did you cause a transformation? We talked about how the best way to create long lasting results is transformation. Well the deepest value to the marketplace hack is to create a transformation. This could be in their income, in their health, in their relationship. When the marketplace has received an outcome based on your product or service, then you created value! If you can cause transformations, then you have value in the marketplace and you’ll make a great deal of money as a result!

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