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How to play Video Poker

As a professional or just for the fun player, a lot of people struggled with the fact that video poker could be the new big thing. Now we know that video poker isn’t that bad as many people thought back in the days. During the Corona-pandemic nearly every casino has been closed for months and the new player started playing online. Many questions were asked and that is why we want to explain how to play video poker.

The basics 

At first, the world of online poker can seem quite confusing and complicated, but if you follow this guide, you have a good chance of improving your knowledge. 

 There are several important points to consider: 

Video poker is played with a deck of cards with 52 cards. 

This means that the card values range from Ace to King and there are four suits: Spades, Diamonds, Heart, Club

 You always get a 5-card hand

 No matter how many cards you draw or keep, you will always hold a five-card hand. 

Ranking of cards and hands 

Two pairs are of course better than one and you can learn that a flush is weaker than a full house. 

These 3 factors are important to understand the basis of video poker. 

You will see, you have the opportunity to positively influence the outcome of the game with your knowledge and skills.

The first step in Video Poker 

Find the right game 

There are a variety of games online and an even larger selection of slots. That’s why you should pick your favourite video poker slots.

The basis to consider is: 

Jacks or better is the first game which I want to introduce. 

If you have two jacks, you usually win.  However, there are also games in which a joker is used.  The triple is the lowest winning combination. 

Deuces Wild is another game, where the twos are ranked higher than the joker. 

As a result, you can see that in the video poker games where there are jokers, the odds of winning increase.

Double Bonus Poker 

The basis of this game is Jacks or Better, but hands are valued and paid differently depending on the size of the cards in quadruples.  So, with four aces, you can win 160 times

the bet. 

Joker Poker 

The usual known deck of 52 cards is supplemented by a Joker card that can take any value. 

Aces and Faces 

Quadruples also get a particularly high pay out in this game if they consist of aces or cards with pictures.

Common Poker Terms 


This is how a player’s action is defined, whether it is placing the bet or the next move 


This is the number of hands needed to win the jackpot in video poker. 

Double Up 

After a win, many slot machines offer the opportunity to double the win with twice the risk. 


After you get the first card, you can press hold to keep the cards. 

House Edge

This House Edge is the advantage the casino gets over the player during a longer session.

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