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How to properly set up a home office

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Working from the comfort of your home comes with numerous benefits, one of them being that you never have to commute to the office. You also get to work in a comfortable environment since you can operate from the bed or the couch, and the best part is that most home-based employees tend to be most productive when they set up a proper workstation. By properly setting up the home office, you have a vast selection and freedom to decorate your workstation; however, you see fit. Here are some tips and tricks that will help you correctly set up your home workspace to enable you to achieve the greatest success.

1. Find the Right Space

If you don’t have enough space at home, then you will have to be creative. You can start by fixing the electrical connections and adjusting the clothing line and converting that closet into a decent workstation.

Besides, try and find a spacious room if you enjoy spending most of your time in the office. Find a space that people visit less frequently, such as the dining area to avoid distractions.  

2. Have a Writing Surface

You will have to find the right desk or work surface that blends with the office space. Whether you pick a two-file cabinet or a custom-made counter, ensure that it’s large enough and that it has the right height where you get to work comfortably. Besides, numerous designs of workstations could blend well with your space such as the Series C Double Row, the Series D L-Shape Desk, the Amp-desk H Shape, the Amp-desk L Shape, among other designs. Consider reviewing a few desk designs before you purchase one for the home office. If the space is limited, reorganize the office items until you have enough room for the writing table. Consider purchasing a shelved desk if you have limited space where you get to store extra office supplies.

3. Have Proper Lighting

It’s essential to have ample light in your home office that will reduce the straining of the eyes. Have the best bulbs installed on the computer and the reading desk. Place the computer at the right distance from the chair to prevent the use of glasses whenever you read content from the screen. You will get to work for longer hours since your eyes will be less strained.

4. Comfortable Seats

Pick a chair that’s comfortable for you and your clients. Ensure that the seats provide arm and back support such that you are always satisfied when working. Some people enjoy placing their feet on tables when working, if you are one of them, set a footstool beneath the desk where you get to put your feet. Review a few seats such as the Series A Single Row and the Series B Double Row and find the right chairs for your clients. Consider the office space when picking the office seats and consider your client’s comfort as well.

5. Include Plants and Flowers

A few plants in the home office will improve the appearance. Besides, studies have shown that incorporating plants or flowers and having the office close to a window has a positive effect on your work rate. Plants will also reduce stress levels and increase productivity; therefore, find the plants that please you and place them in the office.

6. Painting the Office

Make the office more inviting by incorporating a personal touch and having the right blend of colours. Find the best decorating style then blend it with the correct patterns that reflect your style. Incorporate some cover boxes or decorative baskets where you can place office supplies. For the wall, place some works of art or photos that inspire you to achieve more.

7. Handle the Running Cables

Some home offices often appear unpleasant due to the running cables. Handle those cables to improve the office appearance; configure the cables using painter’s tapes or zip ties.

8. Have a Refreshing Air

Place an inexpensive scented candle on the desk then add some essential oil in a cup containing hot water. The right scents will keep you calm and energized as you work. That pleasant smell will also attract clients; thus, the chances are high that they will come back.

9. Reduce Clutter

Have a litter bin strategically placed in the office then try and prevent the build-up of clutter in the office. Clear the litter bin every day and refrain from placing unnecessary equipment in the office.

Setting up a home office is one of the easiest tasks; however, you will have to plan and decorate the office such that you get to enjoy the time you spend in the office. With the right design, you will appreciate working from home.

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