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Why your home office needs a pet dog

People may not have warmed up to the idea of working from home, but as a trend, telecommuting is not going anywhere. In fact, recent studies show that working remotely can help boost employee productivity and satisfaction while reducing the cost of doing business.

That may sound like an unbeatable combination at first, but working from home can produce certain drawbacks as well. The separation of your workspace from your personal space actually helps you focus better on the tasks of your job. Whereas, working from home can be rife with distractions as there are no social conventions to stop you from binge-watching Netflix instead of working on presentations.

And most importantly, working from home can negatively affect your mental wellbeing because of isolation and a lack of community. Nonetheless, you can work from home without having to face any of the associated side-effects; by getting a pet dog for your home office.

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Why keeping a dog in your home office can pay off

The notion of working at home with a pet dog is nothing new to dog-parents. It may sound outlandish to people who don’t have pets, but medical studies show that are numerous advantages of keeping a dog in your office. Here are a few of the major ones:

1.     Dogs can reduce high blood pressure and promote heart health

A study done by the University of Missouri-Columbia revealed that human blood pressure could reduce by up to 10% after petting for 15 to 20 minutes. That’s because spending time with dogs releases certain chemicals in humans (such as opioids, adrenaline, etc.) that can diminish stress levels and help fend off hypertension.

Furthermore, regular contact with dogs can go on to improve your cardiovascular health thanks to stress-reduction and a stable blood pressure rate.

2.     Dogs can help boost your mood and productiveness

Oxytocin and serotonin are two other chemicals your body produces when you pet a dog. If you aren’t aware, oxytocin is present in all mammals, and in humans, the chemical is produced in different parts of the body, including the brain. Oxytocin helps the brain regulate behavior and emotions.

In contrast, serotonin is a chemical that your nerve cells produce and use to communicate with each other. Serotonin helps reduce depression and anxiety, promotes bone health, and accelerates the healing of wounds.

These two chemicals are also the reason why keeping a dog in your home office can help retain your good spirits and enhance your work efficiency.

3.     A pet in your home ofice can promote the act of taking breaks

Losing track of time is easy when you’re engrossed in work. However, remaining seated in one position for long hours can be detrimental to your health.

Having your furry best friend around you while you work will not only make you feel less isolated, but it will also encourage you to take regular breaks during your work hours.  Additionally, you can multi-task and turn your break into a mini-exercise session for your canine.

Ways to make your home office pet-friendly

Your pet’s health and safety matters, and that’s why you should ensure your home office is pet-friendly before you allow your canine to enter the space. To ensure a harmonious distribution of space between you and your pet, start by implementing the following tips:

1.   Make space in your office for your pet essentials

Placing some of your pet’s essential items nearby is smart, especially when you don’t want to leave your workspace every time your canine wants a treat. You can clear out some space in your office to make a place for things like your canine’s treats, flea and tick spray, grooming wipes, etc. Also, remember to place your dog’s food and water bowls where it can easily reach them.

2.   De-clutter your floor by removing books, wires, etc.

Dogs are infamous for chewing habits, and they can get inventive when it comes to making chew toys out of household items. For that reason, try your best to remove anything that can cause mayhem from the floor of your office. Place your books or magazines on a shelf or anywhere out of your canine’s reach.

Also, make sure to not leave any type of wires or cords within your dog’s range. If doing so isn’t possible, you can buy a taste deterrent and spray it on the cords to make your pet leave them alone.

3Invest in dog gates or metal pens

Another hassle-free method of making your space pet-friendly is buying a dog gate or an appropriately-sized dog pen. If the workspace in your home office can be cordoned off, then buying a dog gate will save you time and energy. If not, you can purchase and place a metal pen in your home office, which will allow you to keep your pet near you and out of trouble.

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