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How to start an investment fund that makes you wealthy

start an investment fund
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To build real wealth you need to make money and work hard for you. However, this also means becoming more aware of profitable options and how to make the most out of each opportunity. Most aspiring investors can’t get off the ground due to insufficient capital which is critical to success.

There are several options available that can be useful in kick-starting the investment journey.

Use your own money to start and grow investments

When the goal to set grow an investment fund is fixed in your mind, it’s easy to find some money either through an increased income or reduced expenses. When coordinated well, these two sides of personal finance can get you started on building a fund. To accomplish this, financial goals in saving money need to be clearly laid out and followed with diligence.

Make more money

Taking a side job can be a good option if you have the time. The money earned from this should be directed towards your investment goals. With several options available today, making some extra income should be quite easy. In most online job platforms, you can get paid to provide some simple tasks like writing reviews or participating in focus group surveys. Also, it’s possible to monetize your hobby and create a stream of extra income.

You could also sell off some stuff that is sitting idle in the house. Normally, things that haven’t been used for one or two years are no longer needed and can be disposed of for some cash. With online stores, it has become even easier to sell off used items. If this proves profitable for you, it would be wise to buy and sell other people’s things at a profit. The amounts may seem small at first but with time, the accumulated amount will be impressive.

Trim your expenses

This calls for some adjustments to your lifestyle to save up for an investment fund. Depending on how fast you want to start investing, a financial plan can be drawn up and fit your lifestyle within set limits. This will not only be great in facilitating goal achievement but you will become more financially conscious in the long run.

A good point to start would be creating a budget for your monthly expenses. Any non-essential item that bloats the budget should be trimmed leaving only the essential expenses.

As always, change is not easy and this can be hard after some time. But you should remember the objective and press on. Besides, when the investments start paying off money won’t be a problem and the sooner that becomes a reality the better.

Use other people’s money for investments

After you have started building your own seed capital, supplementing with other sources will draw you closer to success. Typically, this means you will be borrowing money to finance the investments.

Debt is classified as good debt and bad debt. Good debt distinguishes itself as money borrowed to acquire assets that will appreciate in value. Assets like rental apartments acquired on credit are considered good debt since they will generate income and eventually pay off the debt. On the other hand, realistic loans company take to purchase a vehicle for personal use can be considered bad debt. The value of such assets will depreciate in value and generates no income.

Friends and family

Although this has its limitations, it’s usually the easiest source of funds because the cost of borrowing is lower than conventional lending channels. Having clear agreements and repayment plans can be very instrumental in safeguarding your relationship. It’s also important to make your vision clear and easy to understand for the people giving you the money. This way, they will be more patient knowing that the plan is well-founded and their money is safe.

Joint investment ventures

In a joint venture, people with aligned investment goals come together and pool their resources to acquire an investment. Later, it is subdivided among the shareholders. When an asset is out of reach to an individual, pooling is a good option because of the convenience and effectiveness it avails. Also, joint ventures stand a better chance of receiving investment long-term loans from banks since they appear more serious.

When you have found the right people to work with, success comes fast. And the best thing is that with a working system, you can always rinse and repeat. After making the first investment successfully, your access to high-value investments rises considerably mainly because borrowing is easier.


Investment can be viewed as a lifelong marathon rather than a sprint. To start off on the right foot, you ought to be able to manage your own funds before using other people’s money for investment. Only then can you be confident and competent in investing borrowed money safely.

However, the best way is to supplement your money with good debts for faster growth.

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