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How to Step Up Your Business Data Security in 2021

2021 will be the year of cybersecurity. More and more businesses are hopping on the cybersecurity bandwagon, and data-centric companies are looking for all kinds of ways to improve data security.

Keeping your data safer is a tough challenge simply because of the ever-evolving threats. The moment some data security technology hits the market, new cyber threats arise to meet it. Therefore, it’s absolutely paramount to be up to date with how to step up your business data security.

Expanding your business requires not only resources but a healthy dose of tech-savviness as the world heavily relies on the internet to go about its daily business. In such a digital environment, data is literally everything. Let’s see what you can do to make sure your business data is safe.

The Correlation Between the Growth of Big Data and Cybersecurity

The threat of data breaches has never been more relevant than it is today. If there’s anything we’ve learned about the importance of good cybersecurity measures, it would be the fact that any business size is vulnerable to cyber threats.

There are growing threats that organizations need to be aware of, and cyber attacks have become more common than ever before. It’s closely related to the growth of big data and the importance of data in general.

Since most modern businesses operate online, the amount of data available to hackers is staggering. A 2019 report found that 52% of all data breaches against businesses online were hacking attacks, while 43% of these attacks were against small businesses.

So, as you can see, cybersecurity is no longer an option – it’s now a necessity. It’s time to get up to date with the latest cybersecurity measures and learn how to keep your private, personal, professional, sensitive, and crucial data relevant to your organization and clients safe.

Standardize Your Online and Offline Storage Options

When it comes to keeping your data secure, the environment in which you decide to secure your data is of the utmost importance. It can’t be a non-secure and varying environment like a data warehouse, where most businesses keep their data.

When they finally migrate to the cloud, these organizations leave all that data unprotected, which is a disaster waiting to happen. The best way to avoid this quite costly risk is to consider standardizing your online and offline data storage options.

Since your data needs prioritizing, categorizing, sorting, and segmenting, as well as updating, you’ll need a solution that will allow you to make your data easily manageable and retrievable. One of the tools for the job is JFrog Docker.

It allows you to harness the power of automation, eliminate human error, keep all your relevant data in one place, and manage who has access to your data. The tool won’t disturb any of the operations while providing an easy and effective way to keep sensitive data safe while maintaining your business operations.


SASE stands for Secure Access Service Edge. It includes a brand new approach to network security that’s about to revolutionize the way individuals and organizations keep their networks, resources, and data secured and organized.

Nowadays, there are so many different cybersecurity companies offering a wide range of solutions for businesses. While some would say that this is a good thing, it’s actually the source of all problems. The majority of businesses, especially small businesses, struggle to find the right solution to properly segment their cybersecurity and networks.

Fortunately, SASE can help solve this problem. It is a cloud-based cybersecurity tool that allows businesses to merge all valuable data and everything else into one entity that will use a single secured network for all necessary operations.

Instead of using multiple solutions to maintain high security and risk confusion in the process, businesses now have a single solution that allows them to keep everything in one place, making it more accessible, convenient, and manageable.

Implement Cybersecurity Policies

One of the first things on your list should be having clear cybersecurity policies, regardless of how big or small your business is. These cybersecurity measures help improve the safety of your sensitive data by keeping it secure and private. More importantly, they help reduce the risk of data falling into the wrong hands.

Clearly state what data is vital and confidential, and information can be freely shared outside the company. Make sure to include all the devices used at work and the appropriate usage for these devices.

Install Firewall Protection

If you’re looking to step up cybersecurity measures for your business, installing a firewall is a must. It is a frontline-type defense that prevents a virus, hack, or attack on your network before it escalates into something beyond repair. Keep in mind that a firewall needs constant updates to ensure there are no holes in your security.


Keeping your sensitive data safe and protected is an ever-increasing challenge for modern businesses of all sizes. Fortunately, the latest and most advanced technology can help to store, use, and manage vital business data in the most effective, safest way.

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