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Security and convenience with portable storage

Shipping containers are often seen on the back of trailer trucks. But if you are exploring a convenient way of accessing additional storage, then purchasing a shipping container is the way to go. This less explored way of investment turns the game up by securely creating a haven for your stored items.

Renting space at a mini-storage facility is a traditional way of accessing additional storage. This ancient way of storing items is not keeping up with a demanding global movement. If you are a businessman, you may want to opt out of that choice if you have big ambitions for your company. If you also have future plans of moving to another house, shipping containers is one of the options for storing your items like what Reef Group is offering.

Here’s why you should choose portable storage:

Less hassle

Mini-storage, as the name describes, offers a little space for your items. For businesses, they will be forced to rent another mini-storage unit for additional storage when their businesses grow. Not including the extensive process of looking for a secure mini-storage company and waiting for your applications to be included in the long list of applicants.

More secured

With shipping containers, the benefits outweigh the costs, especially in the long run. This investment offers more security because containers are constructed of 14 gauge corrugated steel and lockable double doors. If you insist on additional security, a “lockbox” can be installed at the entry doors designed specifically to cover and protect your lock.

24/7 convenient

One nuisance of purchasing a mini-storage is the limited hours that you can gain access to it. Contrary to a shipping container, you have the convenience to access it 24/7. If you have a demanding business, the limited access to a mini-storage may affect your profits.


Depending on your storage needs, a 20 ft shipping container or a 40 ft shipping container, are the two common sizes amongst many of your choices. These shipping containers are both offered are 8 ft wide x 8 ft 6 in. tall. Most mini-storage units have a roll up door. You can also do the same for your shipping containers but the recommended lockable double doors offer more security to your stored items.

Return of investment

If you have no need for your shipping containers anymore, companies like Container Technology, Inc, who specialises on the sale of storage containers, are always interested in buying your containers back.


Expanding a business, or moving out of a house from one point to another is exhausting if you rented a mini-storage unit. The time it takes to retrieve your items and to process papers for release are unproductive. With a shipping container, you will only consider the way of transporting it to your destination. Companies like Reef Group Transportation Company offer a wide range of transportation services. So you wouldn’t have to worry about transporting the shipping container on your own!

Smart investment

These shipping containers are also not exclusively for the use of storage. In some countries, companies in the construction industries can also purchase shipping containers to convert it into offices of their engineers. Mobile offices are cost effective because it takes out the burden of constructing a small building for employees to temporarily settle in.


Owning a shipping container takes out all the hassle of looking for a reputable storage company. As you purchase your own container, all you have to do is to store all the items for safekeeping and get down to business.


Businesses grow over time. The ability to replenish stocks immediately after running out is vital in certain businesses. Rather than opting to rent a mini-storage, the purchase of a shipping container will help your company when you depend on the availability of a certain item. In order for this to happen, you will need a big storage unit to stock your items. Rather than going to a supplier every day, you can do it only sometimes whenever your stocks are running out.

Weather resilient

Portable shipping storage is often exposed to natural hazards. That is why it is specifically designed to withstand the change in seasons.

Owning a shipping container is not for everyone. But when business starts purchasing these means of storing items, it means that they are already expanding their business because of their capacity to purchase. Investors may want to invest more in a company if they see that a company is doing well on the quality of its work.

People are always on the move. And with them are their whole lives. Purchasing a shipping container may help ease up the hectic and exhausting process of transporting their items be it for businesses or for household items. Why go through all the hassle if you could make your life easier with a shipping container?

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