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Safeguarding your enterprise with advanced security options

Safeguarding your enterprise
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During the recent pandemic, many enterprises have been required to leave sites unstaffed, rendering them at risk from intruders. Even under normal conditions, there will be times when premises are left unattended over the weekend or overnight.

While intruder alarm systems and CCTV devices are options that some firms may consider, they are not always adequate measures to tackle trouble, particularly when no one is present at your place of business bodyguard companies, for example, Hire bodyguard London are becoming increasingly popular as factory of the savior of life and health of another individual.

Today’s enterprises are turning to new security solutions for both convenience and greater levels of protection. In the following sections, we’ll look at two alternative ways to keep your property secure while ensuring life stays simple and safe for you personally.

Deploying mobile security patrols

Staffing a site with guards is not always the most cost-effective option for enterprises that may not be able to justify the expense and presence of a full-time security detail. For an affordable and dependable option capable of rapid response, mobile security patrols are worth considering.

As well as being more affordable than static security teams, mobile patrols provide a constant deterrent to opportunistic criminals. Many professional thieves spend time scoping out sites before committing criminal activities. The sight of mobile security patrols at your enterprise will likely put them off attempts in favor of an unprotected target instead.

Mobile patrols can be planned in varied patterns, stopping criminals from assessing your schedule and hitting when no one is around. When criminals can’t ascertain if a site is unguarded or not, they are less likely to attempt intrusion.

Able to react fast in emergencies, mobile security teams can arrive on-site quickly when an incident occurs. This can often lead to thieves being caught while committing a crime, and successful convictions that keep your premises protected.

Business benefits of a key holding service

Another measure worth considering for both the convenience and personal safety of enterprise owners is a dedicated key holding service.

Like a mobile patrol solution, key holding mitigates the need and costs of onsite security staff while providing reliable protection. Business owners with a key holding service can avoid sleepless nights over the risks of intruders entering their premises or electrical faults causing fires. If any incidents arise when your company is closed, the security team holding your keys will step in to address any issues.

Whether a fire breaks out enterprise owners are never put at risk with a key holding service in place. Incidents are attended by security personnel equipped with the skills and training to deal with potentially dangerous circumstances. Leading firms supplying key holding solutions will only use guards approved by the Security Industry Authority (SIA).

Companies will also find they are more compliant with their insurance coverage. This is by using key holding services as many policies contain sub-clauses involving faulty alarms, an unfortunate occurrence often compensated by key holding.

If your business is based in the West Midlands in the UK and requires mobile security teams and keyholding services then please do check out Caple Security in Ross on Wye in the UK.

On top of these alternative methods, complementing them with a reliable CCTV monitoring system will strengthen your security measures even further.

Safeguarding your enterprise
Photo by Miłosz Klinowski on Unsplash

CCTV as a deterrent

Present on-site security might be an effective method for dealing with potential security issues once they arise. But professional thieves and burglars are more likely to target sites where there’s less chance of being caught. There’s also the potential for skilled perpetrators to find some way to avoid existing security measures and get away unseen.

Remote CCTV monitoring is an excellent solution to this type of problem. While a security patrol can do a lot, individuals can only see what’s in their range of vision. However, a remote CCTV system can cover all areas at all times. Additionally, the right service provider will ensure that your premises will be monitored around the clock.

A reliable CCTV setup ensures peace of mind when you know that your site is under consistent surveillance. The professional teams monitoring your screens will be able to alert any on-site security. Improving their overall effectiveness. 

Thieves are less likely to attempt a robbery if they know they’ll be caught on camera. Remote monitoring means that all recordings are kept safe off-site. This makes it more difficult for trespassers to erase your security footage. 

Your CCTV system will become a deterrent by discouraging potential thieves from attempting anything on your premises and help keep your business secure.

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