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How you can protect your computer from Ransomware

Ransomware is harmful to your computer. The cybercriminals use some software to gain access to your data and then locked it. After that, you will need a password to gain access to your data. The main attention of these criminals is to extort money from you in return for the password. Most people will get ready to pay them to get back their data. But there is no guaranty that they will give your data back after getting their money. Use of ransomware is very famous and there are many victims around the world. Some of them get their data back after paying them money but some don’t.

When it comes to ransomware, there are many ways they can install on your system. In this article, we are going to explain how you can protect your computer from such attacks. We have compiled the list of some possible ways to protect your computer from ransomware.

Backup Your Personal Data

One of the best ways to get your data back is by the regular backup of your sensitive files. If an attacker controls your files and you do not have any backup. Then there will be no choice but to give them what they demand. But if you have a backup of your data in a safe location such as a pen drive or an external hard drive. You can easily get it back.  Backing up your data on the cloud is a great option without buying an external hard drive.

Email Identity

Most of the attackers use email to install ransomware into the victim’s computer. That is why; it is important to double-check the email before downloading any attachment. Do not hesitate to check the email whether it is from your contact or your bank. Call them to make sure that they have sent you an email. There is a possibility that the attackers are using your friends and family. So, be careful while downloading any attachment in the email.

Install A Good Anti-Virus Software

You need to have good anti-virus software installed on your computer. Moreover, you should have a good firewall installed. It will help prevent any suspicious file that you are downloading in your computer. If anyhow the firewall fails to detect the malicious file then Zonealarm anti-ransomware software will be there to detect it. This software is updated with the latest techniques used by hackers. It is also important to regularly update the software.

Filter Every File

Most of the ransomware, malware, and viruses are in .exe or .pdf file extension. A basic windows defender will be able to detect such kind of files. If you receive any file in the email with .exe extension, do not open it. Most of the people exchange such files in .zip format.

Do No Visit Suspicious Sites

Visiting suspicious sites can harm your computer, that is why it is good if you stay away from them. Maybe you have visited such site in the past and got lucky. But that is not going to happen every time.

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