Engineering Advantage - strategy in action
An IMI case study

Page 1: Introduction

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Achieving competitive advantage is not easy, particularly in global markets. Businesses that do well in these markets need to be able to use their systems, technologies and knowledge effectively across the whole of the organisation and respond to local people, cultures and different ways of working. One such organisation that uses its knowledge and expertise to achieve competitive advantage is...
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Page 2: Setting strategy

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Strategies are the long-term plans that a business puts in place to achieve its aims and objectives. IMI’s goal is to achieve market leadership in the global niche markets it serves. A niche market is a relatively small and often highly specialised segment of a market, which has few competing companies supplying it. There are many different strategies an organisation can choose to achieve...
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Page 3: Strategic convergence

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Strategic convergence provides IMI with a clear focus. At the ‘sweetspot’ IMI’s knowledge and skills are delivering products and services which meet long term customer needs and help to give greater product differentiation. This means offering products which do things competitor products cannot. This enables IMI to attract higher profit margins as well as gaining clear market...
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Page 4: External drivers for growth

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SLEPT analysis Businesses need to take account of and react to what is happening outside the company – the external environment. These environmental factors may be analysed through the acronym SLEPT. These stand for: Social factors – for example, the UK’s ageing population is affecting the availability of skills Legal factors – regulatory standards or legislation such as...
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Page 5: Internal values

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IMI believes in behaving responsibly towards all its stakeholders, including its customers, shareholders and employees. Its values of Excellence, Innovation and Integrity guide the behaviours of all employees. Values are the beliefs shared by those within an organisation which underpin its business strategies. IMI’s values translate through its processes to increase the value of its products...
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Page 6: Conclusion

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Using a powerful combination of knowledge, skills and market insight enables IMI not only to develop innovative solutions for its customers, but also to create a competitive advantage. IMI’s strategy of Engineering Advantage enables IMI to support its customers in niche-markets across the globe in a responsible way. It brings together the company’s values, expertise and knowledge in...
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