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Incorporating SMS Marketing to Your Business for Better Customer Relationships

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Smartphones are a valuable item for every citizen, both young and old. Latest statistics show that 3.5 Billion individuals own a smartphone. We use smartphones in almost every part of our lives, such as communication, entertainment and other services. Hence,  SMS marketing has become a strategic trend for businesses to communicate with consumers and enhance customer relationships.

The usage of text messages to interact with the target market makes marketing genuine and personal, nurturing relationships and encouraging the promotion of goods and services. Read more to find out how you can boost your business using this new marketing strategy.

SMS Marketing

SMS is short for Short Message Service. SMS Marketing is a strategy that uses instant text messages to communicate with everyday customers, much like a newsletter, except it’s on mobile. And since SMS Marketing is immediate and personal, it creates a suitable venue for promotion and strengthening customer relationships.

Marketing SMS and Corporate SMS

Although SMS Marketing is a newly developed strategy, the concept of sending instant messages for business has already existed for corporate use. Business owners may be familiar with Corporate SMS. Let us differentiate them to understand each of their purposes.

As already mentioned, SMS Marketing uses instant text to promote and convert sales. You can use SMS Marketing in the form of:

  • Lighting Advertisements
  • Discount Coupons
  • Exclusive Invitations to Promotional Events
  • Holiday Offers

In contrast, Corporate SMS is mainly used for internal communication with employees, investors and suppliers. These are:

  • Transaction Notifications
  • Delivery and Progress Updates
  • Meeting and Appointments
  • Schedules and Confirmations

Furthermore, the correct use of Corporate SMS and SMS Marketing depends on the receiver and the topic at hand. 

Advantages of SMS Marketing

In this modern era, the power of SMS marketing is underestimated by small and large businesses. This is an excellent opportunity for you, especially if you understand the benefits involved with it. SMS Marketing requires interaction between your business and your customers. Below is a list of its key benefits.

Higher Open Rate Than Traditional Newsletters and Emails

A promotion sent through emails can get lost in spam folders, and it’s even simpler to throw away fliers in public spaces. Through SMS Marketing, advertisements will be sent via text messages and people open text messages more than other forms of information.

With the prevalence and accessibility of mobile phones, SMS messages are more likely to be read than to be ignored, increasing brand awareness and chances of getting a new customer.


Even when offline, SMS messages can be read by phone owners since most do not detach from them. This is an excellent opportunity to consider SMS Marketing since your business’s promotions would likely be read and inquired about more by consumers compared to other means.

Cost-Effective for Small and Large Businesses

Sending a message, whether to a small group or a large number of people, is inexpensive compared to other means of advertisement. For business owners, SMS marketing is an excellent start to make your business known without spending too much. You can quickly start your SMS marketing campaign by using a service that enables you to send SMS messages online.

On the other hand, opting for traditional advertisements and endorsements could also prove beneficial. However, if we are considering getting a cost-effective approach with less risk, then SMS Marketing would work best under these preferred conditions.


Image: unsplash.com

In comparison to online ads, SMS messages encompass 52.2 per cent of online traffic. In short, SMS messages alone are the preferred choice of communication for people.

Receiving an SMS message alone does not require a stable internet connection. A good signal and a working phone are enough. Businesses can take advantage of SMS Marketing, allowing them to reach a broader audience.

Database Tracking and Proper Handling

Practical as it seems, improper use of SMS Marketing may work against you. Instead of encouraging consumers, they might be annoyed and opt out of your service. To avoid this, SMS Marketing has a measuring tool with proper metrics you can use.

Every marketing system has indicators for progress and tracking. The minimum metrics you can at least measure are the delivery rate of messages, the percentage of messages opened and ignored by recipients, as well as the conversion rate or the rate at which recipients performed an action that contributes to a sale or inquiry.

Furthermore, business owners using SMS Marketing will be informed of the result through proper channels.

Why Should You Incorporate SMS Marketing into Your Business?

In your next marketing campaign, consider using SMS Marketing as your channel. With its SMS character limit and speedy delivery, your campaigns are always direct and easy to read across different demographics.

Along with its mentioned benefits, SMS Marketing is fast, cheap and reliable. If you are interested in using SMS Marketing in your business, check out Jooksms Marketing Guide for a more comprehensive reading. 


Marketing adapts well to the modern trend of market promotion and communication. Whether you’re a budding business owner or an experienced company head, taking into consideration of simple tactics such as these could prove beneficial for-profit and survival of your business endeavours.

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