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Increase job satisfaction in 13 lucky ways

Successful organizations continuously ensure the satisfaction of their employees.

Job satisfaction is defined as “an individual’s reaction to the job experience”. Maintaining workplace satisfaction can be difficult for professionals in creative direction jobs.

Employees often struggle to stay engaged with their responsibilities because some projects are daunting and become repetitive after an extended period of time.

And eventually, they became dissatisfied with their organization they would quit and get another job.

But in this job market; the placement opportunities very low and unemployment extremely high, very few people have the option to quit and leave.

Job satisfaction is determined by how well outcomes meet or exceed expectations. Satisfaction in one’s job means increased commitment in the fulfilment of formal requirements.

There is greater willingness to invest personal energy and time in job performance.

That is why it is very important to increase the level of satisfaction to the employees.

  1. Create a Positive Work Environment
  2. Provide Competitive Benefits
  3. Workforce Engagement
  4. Recognition & Rewards
  5. Leadership
  6. Continuous Communication
  7. Opportunities for Development
  8. Make the Working Relationships Meaningful
  9. Create Good Job Descriptions
  10. Ask for Feedback
  11. Work as a Team
  12. Supervision
  13. Job Security

Create a Positive Work Environment

An upbeat workplace is a necessity for satisfying employees. If the workplace isn’t positive, one can’t expect the workers to be.

To create a positive environment; manager needs to encourage everyone, avoid micromanagement, give positive feedback and ensuring criticism is constructive.

Provide Competitive Benefits

Fair wages are important, but competitive benefits are also critical to keep the workforce satisfied.

If the benefits package is thin, employees may look for other opportunities with firms that are more generous. Benefits such as flex time paid holidays and personal days helps to increase employee satisfaction.

Workforce Engagement

If employees don’t find their work interesting or don’t feel they are contributing to the mission of the firm, will not be engaged.

Employees must feel like they are part of something bigger than just what their individual work tasks are.

Recognition & Rewards

Encourage supervisors and managers to acknowledge employee’s performance on a daily basis. Also implement a formal program companywide to recognize top achievers in every job category.

Healthy competition boosts morale among employees; encourage hard work and increase satisfaction and retention.


The major source of satisfaction or dissatisfaction came from what happened in each workgroup.

if there is a system of segregated leadership; the manager and supervisor received a clear assessment of the satisfaction of their employees and was challenged to find opportunities to improve.

Depending on the type of leadership style of the supervisor

Continuous Communication

People hardly communicate with others in their bad times, when they need to communicate even more.

The company should increase its efforts to communicate and share important information with the employees. If there was no good news to share, it should share the reality of their current situation.

Opportunities for Development

In the organization, there are so many employees who are fresh in nature. In this case, they have no skills about doing their jobs perfectly.

So, the organization should give the opportunity to the employees to learn new skills and develop new capabilities. These organizations can take advantage of the slower time by challenging employees with “broaden” job assignments.

Make the Working Relationships Meaningful

Everyone wants to be part of something greater than they are. Whether it is contributing to the company, community, or the world, as a team it will create a sense of belongingness of the organization. This has the effect of making one feels that being with the company, he/she has helped others.

Create Good Job Descriptions

Few things frustrate employees more than not knowing what they are supposed to do.

For this reason, every organization should prepare a job description for which an employee is responsible.

Not only that it should be reviewed with employees when they start work and let employees know this will be the basis of their annual job. review.

Ask for Feedback

In a meeting with managers or in a group meeting, there should have a system of getting input and feedback from employees to ensure that the organization wants to know how they feel about the company.

In the meeting, the employer should show the company’s performance to make it easier for employees to give specific feedback.

Work as a Team

Any job is difficult if one feels that he/she has to carry the load without any help.

Collaborating with others and being part of a team can make an employee interested towards his/her work.

The employer should praise the employees for their achievements. Always tell the co-workers how well he/she thinks they’re doing and collaborate on projects to increase satisfaction.


Employee Job satisfaction level increase when they have a good relationship with their immediate supervisors.

Employees want the adequate freedom to do their jobs.

Autonomy to a certain degree; can give employees a greater sense of responsibility to the outcomes of their work and, in turn, may increase their satisfaction.

Communication between supervisors and employee plays a critical role in job satisfaction.

Managers should share information with employees regularly and open the door for two- way communication. Employees should also have the opportunity to share feedback and suggestions with management.

Job Security

Employees enjoy their work more when they aren’t worried about losing their jobs.

Basically, employees of mid-sized and large businesses placed more weight on job security as a way of increasing job-satisfaction than employees at small companies did.

However; job satisfaction solely depends on the organization and the supervisor. It’s a two-way street and employees have some obligations too.

Suggestions for Employees

  • Firstly, an employee should know himself/herself well. That means, everyone should know about the interested area of work, abilities, qualifications, skills, experience, etc.
  • Find out some alternatives jobs that are most likely to meet the expectations of a person.
  • One should consult with a professional career counsellor to collect practical information regarding the interesting jobs.
  • Do not allow the job dissatisfactions to go unresolved for long because it will mentally be depressed a person and it will create problem both in work life and the family life.
  • Everyone should have realistic expectations for work. One should not expect those types of work, either which is not suitable for him/her or the person is not so much qualified for that job. It should be realistic.
  • Everyone should be responsible for the actions for which he/she is appointed.
  • Everyone should be accountable for the commitments which are committed by him/her.
  • Find out some ways of possible career progress. That means one should participate in different kinds of the training program, seminars, workshops, etc. as the ways of career progress.

Actually, job satisfaction is very important both for the employers and for the employees. It helps the organization to get performance done by employees.

On the other hand, employees get different benefits from the employer. If the employees are satisfied with their jobs, they will perform in a better way, they will take different kinds of initiatives; take different kinds of challenges etc.

On the other hand, if they are dissatisfied with their jobs, absenteeism, frustration, low morale, turnover, etc. will be increased and the organization will be looser.

Another important thing to be noted that nowadays there is a very little opportunity for the employees to change their existing job because of the high rate of the unemployed person.

In this case, the persons are doing their jobs with dissatisfaction. So, it is very important to increase the level of satisfaction to the employees.

It is hot possible only for the employer to increase the level, employees are also very much related to it.

So, both the employees and employers should take the initiative to increase job satisfaction which is beneficial for both of them.

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