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Escaping the office business ideas for people who love to be outdoors

Some of us couldn’t think of anything worse than being stuck inside an office for the best part of the day and if you are someone who would prefer to be earning a living outdoors, there are plenty of opportunities to do just that.

Here is a look at some of the different jobs that allow you the freedom of the open road or at least plenty of fresh air each day, such as using your hands and your vehicle to generate an income, plus a tip to turn a passion into a business.

Good at fixing things?

If you seem to have a flair for maintaining things and often get asked by friends and family to lend a hand, it could be that you have a business opportunity there waiting to be exploited.

You might want to consider setting up a repair and maintenance business, where you fix fencing, guttering and all manner of repairs and improvements that homeowners are always looking to get done in order to protect and enhance their investment.

If you get yourself a vehicle like the Ram 3500 you will be able to carry around all the tools and materials you need to get the job done, and when you are running a repair and maintenance business, there are jobs to keep you busy all year round.

Local deliveries

There is a constant demand for local delivery services these days, as more people than ever before order things online or over the phone and want them delivered to their door rather than having to go and fetch the item themselves.

If you have good a set of wheels and enjoy driving, plus you have a good customer service outlook, these are the primary requirements for setting up a local delivery and collection service.

You can also fill any voids in your day by taking on work for national firms who want local delivery drivers to work self-employed for them and fulfill deliveries in your area.

Adventure sports

One of the best business opportunities of all is to be able to do something you have a real passion for and turn it into a viable business.

If you are good at anything from parasailing, rock climbing, scuba diving, whatever it is that you fill your spare time with at the moment and could teach others to do, there is a chance that you could create an outdoor business providing expert instruction.

You will have to get all the licenses and maybe get a qualification as an instructor to confirm your suitability to teach others, but once you are up and running and doing something you love every day for money, you won’t have any motivation problems getting out of bed in the morning.

Think about what you are good at and what you enjoy filling your time with and then look at ways of turning that into an income, which has to be way better than working in an office.

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