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Instagram do’s and don’ts for businesses to drive higher engagement

It goes without saying that Instagram is no more a platform to just post selfies and hit likes on friends’ photos. Today, it has turned out to be a strong online marketing tool.

With an ever-expanding base of audience available, global companies have taken to Instagram, to market their business and gain more online traffic. You can also use an Instagram activity tracker to find out audience behavior and enhance your rapport with all of them.

Now, connecting with your audience means you have to engage them the right way. If you intend to go for Gramto for automation and think, is Gramto worth your trust? see the review here So here are some Dos and Don’ts to level up your engagement strategies.

The DOs

  • It is important to post regularly – To improve your brand presence on any social networking site, it is extremely important to post daily. Having an Instagram account with no post or less post is worse than having no account at all. Plus, do remember that consistency is the key here. If you wish to maximize your online Insta marketing efforts then make sure to post two to ten times a day, depending on how many things you have to convey to your customers.
  • Focus on the content – Be authentic about your brand. Besides, it is better to post less with better content rather than posting a lot of irrelevant things.
  • Make use of Instagram stories – With more than 500 million users on the platform, Instagram stories can be an effective tool for boosting engagement. You can create –
    • Instagram story polls that will involve your audience directly to the content
    • Emoji slider stickers are also a fun way to create small Insta polls and engage your audiences
  • Getting customers involved in content creation – For certain limited types of content, you can get your audiences involved by using private messages, likes for likes, comments, tags, stories, and re-grams. You can also consider creating unique hashtags and ask your followers to posts something using those hashtags. This will not only connect the audience to your brand but will also create a buzz.
  • Tell stories through pictures – The photos that you post should be visually appealing, original, authentic and relatable. Give your marketing team access to your official Insta account so that they can post something that they find out to be relatable. But before that set guidelines about what can and cannot be posted to the account.

The DON’Ts

  • NEVER… do NOT post low-quality content or content that is hateful.
  • The use of hashtags is a great idea, but make sure that you are not spamming.
  • Don’t forget to set up clear guidelines for creating stories or while reaching out to the public. Irrelevant and illogical posts can ruin your brand image.
  • Never post stock photos on your account; your brand must have its quintessential traits and a distinctive personality of its own.

When you have a clear understanding of what exactly you need to do and what must be avoided, you can be confident about improving your engagement levels and connecting better with your target audience.

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