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Top 10 tips for social media audience

Do you wish to build a social media audience for your brand and in doing so gain followers, sales and love? Well, here are ten tips for creating a nice strong following.

  1. Direct People In The Right Direction

Unless you happen to be a well-known celebrity or perhaps you are fortunate enough to own a brand name that is iconic, you should disregard the thought that if you have built it, people will automatically come. Most people will not even know of your existence on social-media platforms unless you are pointing your audiences in the right directions. This means wherever possible, like on a wall, in your lobby or on your counters make use of signage offline in order to drive all your constituents online.

  1. Make Yourself Heard

Any person in your business who is on speaking circuits need to incorporate into presentations that your company has its own social address. They need to aim at striking while the iron is still hot. When engaged in a moment, live audiences often have an urge to feel connected to the person on the stage. Make sure you are telling your audiences that your brand features on social media making sure to invite people to join up on the different social media platforms.

  1. Arm Your Troops

Divide followed by conquering. There is always stronger when it comes to numbers. Identify the employees that already have a strong social following and encourage these individuals in a passive way to recruit your organization. Offer these people with talking-points along with rewarding them for their leadership skills. The more you get your employees to spread the word on the social activities of your brand with their personal networks, the faster you will grow your own audience according to Audience Builder.

  1. Drop Names

You may be wondering why it would be worth your while to mention another person within your content streams. Well to begin with, it is basically good form, particularly when you cite an author of a 3rd-party article that you chose to share. When you tag others, it is a great way to encourage curiosity, attract more followers along with triggering a beneficially mutual engagement.

  1. Showcase Social Streams

You can achieve more mileage from your activities on social-media when you embed the content elsewhere. There are several available widgets from channels like Pinterest, Facebook or Twitter or from third parties that offer a way to export timelines as well as display these on your site. This will not only place your content before a larger audience, it will also increase the chances of establishing social connections that last.

  1. Putting Others First

Avoid becoming the brand that only talks about itself. These brands spend way too much of their time trying to be promotional instead of social. This is not to say you shouldn’t be blowing your horn on Facebook and Twitter. But one of the better ways to draw new followers, fans and business overall is when you become known for helping people in a variety of other ways.

  1. Make A Dramatically Good First Impression

Is your cover images and your profile the correct size? Is the description of the business convincing and clear, which is infused with hashtags and keywords? Did you remember to add links back to your social properties and your website? Are your logo’s prominently featured? Do you always promptly respond to mentions, comments and questions? Are you thanking the people that are sharing your content with others? Are you a host that displays gratitude for her or his fans, prospects and customers?

  1. Host Chats

You can build a community of faithful and like-minded fans and followers when you interview popular guests using Facebook or Twitter. Similar to panel discussions or talk show, these chats simply involve 2 or even more individuals talking on a topic that involves broad appeal. Make sure you have promoted this event well in advance, with the use of strong hashtags. Make sure you take any questions from the audience and employ a moderator with experience. Become the brand that is known for bringing individuals together for entertainment and education. You will soon become the “centre of attention.”

  1. Give Things Away

People usually flock from nowhere when it comes to participating in contests. Yet while offering prizes for nothing will be one of the best methods to attract larger followers, prizes that you offer need to align with the attributes of your brand. This will assist with increasing the chances that the new connections are already qualified prospects, opposed to the type who are only interested in getting a freebie.

In an Instagram contest by the company Will Leather Goods, participants are able to win 2 bags of their choosing featured on the website of the brand.

  1. Be Prepared To Pay To Play

Lastly, it is important to consider paid media. Today many of the brands have found that allocating money towards marketing when it comes to advertising on the different social media platforms has become necessary and not just an option, when in search of larger audiences. With such tight competition for engagement, eyeballs and promoting your brand and content, it makes sense to invest in paid media, so your brand stands out from the masses.

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