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Using Facebook ads effectively for your brand objective

Many brands have different objectives for using Facebook Ads. Most of them want to increase sales in all sales channels across the board. But some brands take a more surgical approach to using the ad platform and target it to satisfy a particular need or set of needs at the moment.

Over the years, experienced in digital marketing agency who have built a track record of using these ads have accrued data that reveals that the type of ad you place can matter, depending on which kind of result you want to achieve.

By using this data creatively, you can affect a strategy that allows you to pay less for your targeted results. Working with a skilled and experienced digital marketing agency can help you create ads that satisfy your goals most effectively. 

Types of Targeted Facebook Ads Objectives

Awareness objectives in using Facebook Ads are typified in bold, visual ads having little text. The visuals can be of a product or signify a concept that represents your brand. They can be used to lure users to your website by offering a ‘teaser’ type of visual. The sparse text can ask a question relating to the image. The ads are generally carefully composed and designed. They represent the top of the sales funnel and have a lot riding on them, so they tend to be visually eye-catching most of all.

Consideration objectives are designed to turn prospects into leads. They may feature an informative video about your brand or product line. They also may be more text-based and suggest goals and values of your brand in an attempt to appeal to the user on an intellectual basis. These ads are used to ‘hook’ the user and transform them into a customer. The different forms these types of ads take reflect the different types of customers with which the ads are meant to appeal. The fact that they target solid prospects puts these ads in the middle of the sales funnel.

Retargeting objectives seek to re-engage customers that haven’t patronised your brand for a while. They may be investigative as to the reasons for the lack of activity, enticing with new products and services, or appreciative for the past patronage. Above all, these ads remind the past customer of the values and qualities your brand represents and reassures them these qualities haven’t changed. These are also considered to be the middle of the sales funnel because of the high probability of past customers becoming customers once again.

Conversion objectives represent the bottom of the sales funnel. These are ads that are only targeting visitors to the site to engage on any level with the brand, be it registering, downloading, opting-in to further notifications, or browsing through your products.

Know the Value of Your Objectives

Knowing where on the total sales funnel your objective falls, allows you to assign a relative value to your objective, which can be helpful and represent a budget not to be exceeded when creating and placing these Facebook Ads. 

The more you know about the ads and the reasons to place them, the more effective the Facebook Ad platform can be for your brand.

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