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Kitchen open shelving ideas

Kitchen open shelving ideas
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To properly arrange the interior of your home, you need to think about the location and colouring of each element. Some pieces of furniture may be knocked out of the overall concept, and it will look like amateurism. To avoid such moments, many people hire professional designers. But it is expensive and not practical because the interior of the house can be thought out by yourself.

Common rooms like the living room and kitchen usually have a lot of important items that are used as needed. One of the options for the interior arrangement of the kitchen is the use of kitchen shelves. Many important items are placed on them, and the lack of doors helps to access them more quickly.

To save space, you can use shelves of different formats. Today there are corner shelves, shelving shelves, open-plan shelves, etc. So customers have a lot to choose from and the main thing is to use them correctly.

Where to Place Open Shelving

Open shelves can and should be used. With their help, you can achieve many advantages. For example:

  • open shelves visually expand the space in the apartment, which is especially valuable in studios;
  • they make it easier to get what you need;
  • you can show guests what kitchen accessories and dishes you have;
  • open shelves work well with built-in storage systems.

You can place open shelves in various locations around the perimeter of the room. With proper planning, you can implement all your shelving ideas. For example, a small shelf for spices can be placed close to the stove, so it is convenient to reach them.

If we’re talking about wooden shelf kitchens, it’s best not to use them to place dishes. But they are strong enough to withstand, for example, a vase of flowers or a place to store a cutting board. You should not place such shelves near the hood or above the oven.

Also, if you’re interested in getting high-quality wooden shelves for your kitchen or home, check out jsdeco.co.uk/. They offer a great selection of shelves and other home decor items.

An Open Shelf Brings Clutter-Free Accountability

One of the seeming disadvantages of an open kitchen is the fact that all items are visible to guests. Therefore, such kitchen shelves need to be kept perfectly clean. Yes, this is true. But it is thanks to such shelves housewives of apartments can discipline themselves and benefit from them.

In the case of open kitchen wall shelves, the kitchen is cleaned much more often and the likelihood of dust or mould accumulation in the kitchen is practically zero. This means that you and your family are safe in such a kitchen. And this is a significant advantage that cannot be achieved in a kitchen with shelves with doors.

In addition, open shelves are much easier to clean and monitor their cleanliness. Unlike closed shelves, they do not have broken doors and do not need to spend money for their additional repair. Therefore, open shelves are a cost-effective solution that encourages you to keep them clean and makes cleaning easier.

Use kitchen shelving to add character and texture to a small space

Open shelves have many advantages. First of all, they visually increase the space in the rooms. This is because they do not have bulky doors, which take up a lot of space when they are open. They do not need to be placed next to each other. When placed like this, they merge into one bulky and ugly shelf.

Open shelves are placed conveniently, in free space, and they place only the necessary items in the kitchen or decorative items. In this case, both spaces are properly occupied, and the kitchen becomes cosier.

There is a misconception that open shelves are suitable only for small kitchens. Yes, they visually expand the space, but they can also be used in a standard-sized kitchen. If you want to expand the visual component of the kitchen more, you can implement your shelving ideas in this format in a kitchen of any size. They will be appropriate everywhere with the right placement.

Create a balance between form and function

It is extremely important to adhere to the principle of proportionality. Open shelves in the kitchen or living room should be the right size. If they are too large, they will seem clumsy. Such shelves look quite absurd against the background of other pieces of furniture.

But it is also important to choose shelves that can perform the functions that you will give them. For example, if the shelves will hold large objects, then they should be chosen according to the size of the object and their carrying capacity. If the shelf will not support the weight of the item (and usually several items are placed on them), it is better not to buy it.

Think through these issues before buying them, because the functional component of the open shelves should play a priority role in the selection of such interior items.

Use kitchen shelving to zone a space

Open shelves can perform another important function. With their help, you can unobtrusively visually divide the room into several different zones. For example, next to the table, you can place wood shelves with flowers and other decorative items. In another part of the kitchen put shelves with dishes and separate the place of eating from the place where it is imposed. Also, separate shelves are placed near the place of cooking (but not quite next to the stove).

As a result, you will be able to beautifully divide the kitchen into at least 3 important zones. This is a great solution, which does not require design intervention, but will help keep the eating area from getting dirty when cooking. And the expense of such zoning is much lower than if you were to use large dividers. So, open shelves are a great way to put important items in your kitchen stylishly and practically.

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